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Is It Possible to Create a TV Lift by Yourself?

Buying a new TV set isn’t always possible. Sometimes, it happens that you have money to purchase the item of your dreams. But there is not enough space in your living room. It is a common issue for many people. Clogging the space even more isn’t an option.

However, with the application of modern technologies, everything becomes possible, especially when it comes to arranging your space. For example, a TV lift could be a solution to install your new TV in a place where you want.

To Buy or to Build?

If you have enough funds, you can buy a ready TV lift stand. Make sure you choose the correct item though:

  • It shall be able to lift and lower your new TV. While modern items aren’t heavy, you still need to check the lifting power of the TV lift. 
  • The design, if you aren’t going to hide the lift, is important. Otherwise, your new and expensive item might look just odd. 
  • The noise generation: it shall be acceptable and not bother you every time you are lowering your TV set or hiding it. 

Other than that, all newer TV lifts come with all the accessories needed for installation and have even pre-drilled openings for fixing them on a wall or any other surface. 

Buying a ready TV lift offers many benefits, among which are comfort, nice look, undeniable functionality. You don’t need to have special skills to fix such an item.

However, TV lifts are not among the cheapest items. For some people, their price might be the main obstacle. In such a case, it is better to make a TV lift instead of buying it. 

How to Make a Cabinet TV Lift

To make a TV lift, you don’t need anything extensively expensive. We will try to keep the cost low indeed. But you do need some specific skills.

Let`s suppose you are going to install your TV lift system in a cabinet. It is one of the easiest installations. For other installation types, such as wall-mounted or even ceiling-mounted TV lifts, we would suggest buying professional equipment. 

Thus, let us move on with a cabinet installation:

  • Reinforce the bottom of the cabinet to make sure your TV set will not be damaged when in operation. Putting a thicker piece of wood or MDF is sufficient to secure your device.
  • Buy two linear actuators, install them on the reinforced part. Their lift power and stroke length shall be sufficient to lift and lower your TV-set safely. 
  • In the top part of the actuators, build a frame. You can make it from wood, MDF, and reinforce it with metallic bars. Close the frame sides to make it look nice.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening sufficient to let a TV set and the frame pass. 
  • Fix the TV set to the frame front. The backside is closed with a piece of wood or MDF to make the installation look nice when it is in the lifted position.
  • Arrange the cables inside. You might want to get special tools to do so. Even if not, just hide them to make sure you don’t tangle in them and break your installation with the precious device.

Ceiling Mounted TV Lift Is Made in the Same Way

If you don’t have a cabinet where to install a TV lift or if you have been always dreaming about a ceiling-mounted TV lift, proceed with the same steps. Above the ceiling, install a support for the entire system. This is the most complicated part and shall be done professionally. Otherwise, your system and your new item might just drop down and even damage somebody. 

To the support, fix the frame with the linear actuators. This time, they will not lift the TV set but lower it. On the bottom side, fix the cover to close the opening in the ceiling when the TV is in the lifted position. 

If you opt for a ceiling installation, consider also the fact that you might hire a specialist to arrange the cables. Most likely, additional drilling and plastering will be needed to hide the cables securely.

Final Thoughts

Making a TV lift with linear actuators isn’t a super difficult task. The main thing is to choose proper actuators with the needed technical features and to make the installation as needed.

In the case of a cabinet installation, you might have just the basic skills or no skills at all. Most likely, your project will succeed.

For a ceiling installation, you might need some special skills. At least, you will have to make more efforts. Also, cable management will require professional skills. However, this project is doable, too. 

Now, the lack of space isn’t an obstacle to buying your favorite new item anymore. You can buy a TV set of any size and still find enough place for it.