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Is There Any Experience of CCIE for Reference?

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I want to take CCIE Exam. Now I am at the level of Cisco CCNA or even worse. I haven’t done any experiment before. I’ve only seen some videos. In the working environment, I can contact the provincial networking of operators. But I am a professional in Switching and Transmission. I want to prepare it for a year, are there any predecessors to point out the problems I should pay attention to.

Registering for training courses is the most common and effective method, which is not for advertisement. Some information is difficult to get, such as the version of CCIE Lab, the change of the test questions, etc., which is limited to CCIE. For CCNA and CCNP, you can read books and videos by yourself. I had learned it before I graduated. It took me 16 months from CCNA to CCIE, But I learned very well. At that time, I watched 8 hours of books and videos almost every day. In fact, there was nothing to pay attention to. Well, for technology, if you spend time, it will naturally pay off.

Take the certificate as a stepping stone or a weight for promotion or the embodiment of self-worth. Technology is the core competitiveness. There are many CCIE around me. Don’t take the exam as the ultimate goal. If the test is at only CCNA level, you can systematically read some introductory books first, such as CCNA Study Guide and two books of TCP/IP Routing Technology. The Understanding of Cisco’s BCMSN and Exchange can systematize your knowledge system. In addition, it is recommended to go to some reliable training institutions. In the examination form of CCIE, taking some training can yield the result with half the effort. It is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Toronto. 

If you want to take the exam, you have to practice. Easier said than done. Don’t listen to some people who say that CCIE is not worth money. I can tell you that manufacturers such as Huawei or Ericsson will also compare candidates’ certificates. There is also the improvement of comprehensive ability. Large companies do not lack experts. People with good attitude can be cultivated slowly. Technology is the most basic quality of engineers.

The passing rate of CCIE Test is relatively low by self-study. In the long run, It is the best to take training if you have enough money, in which you can get stability and systematic learning. What you know is that many people pass by self-study, but what you don’t know is that 70% – 80% candidates fail the exam by self-study. The version of CCIE Lab is often changed. In addition, no matter self-study or training, you should really study hard. Otherwise, you will only get a piece of paper instead of the knowledge and technology, but the ultimate significance of the test will not be achieved.

Self-study for a short time, take training, memorize question bank and type lab.

Before taking the Cisco CCIE Exam, you should clarify your objectives. Do you just want to take the test? Or do you want to pay more energy to learn this technology? I suggest that now that you have started, you should learn technology well and master the content of this part.

The cost of CCIE Exam is relatively expensive. It is necessary to prepare for a period of time before taking the exam. It is recommended to sign up for an organization that you trust. Ask more and practice more, Make good use of 100% or even 200% of the resources. The resources and information mastered by the organization are much more than those mastered by yourself, and the initiative is stronger. Understand the technology first, then prepare for the exam, memorize the question bank and type the version. Practice makes perfect. I wish you success in your study!