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What are Paylines in Slot Games?

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Players will have heard the word paylines used many times, for some this can be confusing. Believe it or not but slot paylines are one of the most important aspects of any slot game, without them the game would not be able to function properly – play Fruit Blast game.


A payline is a very simple concept in slot gaming. It is essentially a combination of symbols that will result in a win for a player. Without paylines, there would be no way to win a slot game. The very first slot games had very few paylines, with the first ever release only having one. However, modern slot games have introduced a massive amount of paylines for players to enjoy, with certain games boasting over 2,000 different paylines. Triggering the correct paylines is the main objective of slot gaming. It is important that players know when to trigger certain paylines, as they could lead to bonus games or prizes. Triggering the correct paylines is also especially important when you are playing a particularly volatile slot game.

Other features of a slot game

The paylines are not the only feature of a slot game that players will have noticed. There are actually several parts to a slot game, the paylines are simply one aspect. The following are some of the features that make up a slot game.

  1. Reels – Perhaps the most noticeable feature of a slot game, this is what players are going to be looking at most of the time. The reels will display the symbols everytime the player hits the spin button. They come in varying amounts, with most games offering at least three.
  2. Symbols – These are the things on the reels, these symbols come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some slot games opt for the more traditional designs whilst others will go for something unique. Sometimes, these symbols will offer unique bonuses if the player manages to land on them.
  3. Paytable – This is a handy part of a slot game which informs players about a game’s RTP, the ways that bonuses can be triggered and what the different symbols on the reels mean. The paytable is available alongside every slot game and is incredibly useful when used correctly.
  4. Jackpots – These refer to special cash prizes that you can trigger with the correct combination, these prizes are not included in the base game. There are two main types of jackpots, progressvie and fixed. A fixed jackpot will always stay the same amount no matter what whilst a progressive jackpot will increase in size the longer it goes unclaimed.
  5. Bonuses – These are the rewards in game that players receive, they can be anything from free spins, avalanches, wilds, scatters and even multipliers. Triggering these can lead to big wins, so it is best to hit them wisely.

Final Thoughts

Paylines are a vital aspect of slot games, without them players would not be able to win anything. There are also several other important parts that make up a slot including reels and symbols.