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Judge Judy Honored with the Pathfinder Award

Judge Judy Sheindlin will receive the “Pathfinder Award” from The Texas Women Lawyers (TWL) in San Antonio on Friday, Feb. 19. Each year, TWL recognizes a Pathfinder — an individual who has been a champion promoting the advancement of women in the law and who exemplifies professionalism, leadership, and commitment to the public interest

The presentation will be at TWL’s Annual CLE at St. Mary’s Law School with Nicole Sheindlin accepting the award in person and Judge Judith Sheindlin providing video remarks. Nicole Sheindlin, who is also a co-founder of Her Honor Mentoring, will present the Key Note address “All Rise – Maximizing Our Impact Through Mentoring.” Her Honor Mentoring provides an opportunity for young women to reach their full potential through a unique approach to learning and growth.

“Judge Judy is an icon but I really appreciated her impact in a new way one day when I heard young disadvantaged kids arguing with each other regarding right versus wrong. One authoritatively quoted Judge Judy to prove she was right. I realized Judge Judy was not just a television show, but her influential dose of practical life skills was providing education to kids which they may not get at home.” said Deirdre Carey Brown, President-Elect of TWL.

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  1. Judge Judy is my idol. I read about her in the LA Times around 1992, she single handedly broke down a huge conspiracy involving judges, prosecutors, social workers, well it was pretty big- a child stealing conspiracy involving observant Jews and non-English speaking mothers who’ve had their children stolen from them (true story). Judy worked on this case all alone! She refused assistance as she did not trust any one in the courts at that time for fear they were in on the scheme. The mother got her child back, and all was put to rights thanks to Judy Scheindlin. Read her book “Don’t Pee On My Leg…” and be astonished the things she has accomplished. It was published in ’99? or so- still relevant. I thought I knew all the welfare scams and frauds- nope she clues us in on so many bamboozles and ways people work the system. She has cleared up SO much nonsense in the courts, in fact that child-stealing conspiracy clean up is just one huge thing she’s done – she also ended a huge Medicare scam that was costing taxpayers tons of $$, and sending innocent fathers to jail by lying about test results for STDs on children (positive results mean more $$$ for the testers which was billed to Medicare) She is loved and watched dutifully by 3 generations of our family EVERY day, was 4 generations before my grandparents passed. If you think I am gushing about my favorite human being you are correct, and I am not exaggerating. I have such love and respect for this woman.

  2. Judge Judy is a “shining” example, alright, of hypocrisy, lack of civility, and arrogance. There are many truly-deserving candidates to honor, but, unfortunately Judge Judy is not one of them.