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Julie Chen-Moonves Stands by Her Man

Tammy Wynette once sang the famous 60’s tune ‘Stand By Your Man’. Apparently, the host of ‘Big Brother’ followed along with that sentiment on Thursday night.

Amid a turbulent week at CBS in which it’s now-former CEO Les Moonves was ousted from the company after a second ‘New Yorker’ magazine article alleged his sexual misconduct upon several women, his wife Julie Chen made her first television appearance since his Sep. 9th ouster on Thursday night for the live episode of ‘Big Brother’. She had previously skipped appearing on the CBS daytime talk show ‘The Talk’ this past week even though it had returned for a new season.

At the episode’s conclusion, after the show’s houseguest Brett had just gotten evicted, she stated, “From outside the ‘Big Brother’ house with Brent [sic], I’m Julie Chen-Moonves. Good night.

Watch the moment here:

With CBS currently distancing themselves from all things Moonves, Chen’s statement may signal the end of her long run as host of the reality competition as well as from the network itself.