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Justin Baldoni to Develop ‘The Men’s Room’ Talk Show

Proposed Series to Focus on Male-Themed Issues

Current “Jane the Virgin” star Justin Baldoni is developing a weekly talk show geared to men based on his social media presence called “The Men’s Room” through his company Wayfarer Entertainment. He will moderate the proposed series and featured will be five other men as they discuss “what it means to be a man today” with topics like marriage, parenthood and fitness. Each week, the revolving cast will reveal their most personal and intimate feelings.

Said Baldoni on Instagram: I believe that there are more than enough men who are ready and willing to challenge the stereotypes of masculinity and join this conversation. I believe that men are ready to redefine what it means to be a man today, and that the old “toxic” masculinity isn’t working for anyone. So… this is for all my brothers who are ready to bring in and challenge a new generation of men to be role models for our youth. This is for all my sisters who I feel need to know that there are men all over the world who believe in equality and who are willing to challenge the stereotypes masculinity, not only to protect but also to empower them.

There is no word on a network or release date, but the show is expected to go into production next month.