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Justin Liwen’s Social Media Success Story

Meet Justin Liwen, an 18-year-old entrepreneur that built his career capitalizing off what he knows best, social media. The Virginia native started his entrepreneurial journey at age just age 16, creating his digital marketing agency Feuhle Media during the 2020 lockdown. Noticing social media was how his peers were spending all their time, mixed with the increasing popularity of Twitter within the political space, Liwen began researching different platform algorithms.

Liwen like many other young adults spent a majority of his childhood on social media, already understanding the psychology behind it and how people react to certain types of content. The disconnect was getting the content in front of them. Seeing Facebook and Instagram as too slow in terms of growth, he perused TikTok. TikTok is where Liwen attributes much of his success, praising the app for the outreach it easily provides. The knowledge he gained from prior knowledge, research, and tests, Liwen was able to manipulate the algorithm into providing high quality video placement on any post. This seems miniscule until you consider running 25, 50, 75, 100+ accounts all implementing these strategies.

The structure of TikTok itself has led Liwen and the team behind him at Feuhle Media to have streamlined access to mass exposure. He’s solved the problem many marketers face, having a small cost to reach large audiences. Using his posting strategy to help manufacture celebrity PR stunts, scale businesses, and create trending sounds for artists. While all this is interesting, the real story is how Justin Liwen made it happen. A kid innovating off what he knows to build his own career. This is something many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners should take note of, that Liwen didn’t find instant success. Noting “It took hundreds of failed sales pitches, endless product readjustment, re-branding, hiring new workers, firing friends, and much more. However, through it all I had enough motivation and want to keep going. It’s important to realize that what you want isn’t as unobtainable as you think.” Liwen realized at a very young age that consistent hard work pays off, using the time he had playing video games and scrolling on TikTok to networking and pitching sales.

Liwen and his agency are a prime example of the future for many kids, saying “Look up Wi-Fi money on TikTok and just scroll, you’ll be very surprised with the amount some kids can make. In very unconventional ways too, from hosting Minecraft servers to Crypto day trading.” Liwen and many others have decided to pursue the entrepreneurial life, he noted “This career path felt right, just only doing school alone is very underwhelming. I have too much time on my hands and not enough actual fulfilling work to do. It’s the same way for a lot of kids, mainly being bright minds that are under stimulated in school.” This is by no means a negative either, it’s pushing youth to mature faster and gain real work experience earlier in life.

In all, Liwen and his company Feuhle Media are just one example out of many for a young success story. Continuing into the future Liwen notes he plans to branch out into more “mature” spaces online, working on larger scale projects.

For more information visit Justin Liwen’s website or contact his social media.