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KickFollower Review – The New Kid On The Block For IG Growth, But Is It Safe?

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Yeah, we know it’s everywhere you go at the moment, perhaps you feel you can’t escape it – yet, there’s no denying it. Instagram growth is one of the most pivotal ways of ensuring both personal and professional success right now. “Increase follows by doing this”, “gain IG fame by doing this…” – it’s exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to have a real, reliable review of some of the Instagram growth agencies around nowadays? Well hello there!

When we talk about Instagram growth, this, fundamentally, relates to both the number of followers and the amount of engagement. One without the other does not equal true Instagram growth. 

Yet the seasoned Instagrammer knows all too well that growth can be particularly dangerous, too. Say the word “bot” to anybody who knows their IG well enough and they’ll most likely turn a funny colour of grey. Why? Because bots, or fake accounts, can be detected by Instagram and are enough to have your account suspended. Ouch. So how do we avoid this? 

Choose the right service! 

… Ok, So What Is KickFollower? 

KickFollower are proving themselves to not only be one of the most popular IG growth agencies out there right now, but also one of the most legit. Let’s break it down: KickFollower is an Instagram growth company with a difference. A majorly important difference. They offer 100% organic, human-powered growth. What does this mean, exactly? Most importantly it means that they never use bots or fake accounts to grow your IG. Only real, targeted followers, all based on who you want to engage with your content. 

What Features Do They Offer?

There are so many great features that KickFollower offers – in fact, the whole process from start to finish is pretty impressive. Yet, we thought we’d try to sum up some of the main benefits of using their service for your Instagram growth. 

  • Personalized customer service. You’ll be assigned your own account manager who will be your personal liaison for the whole process. He or she will be in constant contact with you, and will be readily available to answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process if you get confused. They will also communicate any relevant information to your growth manager, who will work directly on your account to increase your growth.
  • Amazing dashboard feature. Totally personalized to your own IG growth, here you’ll be able to access your growth statistics by week, month or year.
  • You’ll have total control in terms of follow and unfollow. Easy to maintain.
  • KickFollower will engage with users by liking photos, commenting and viewing stories. All part of the organic growth that they offer.
  • Really fair prices.

Is There Any Danger To My Instagram Account?

This is probably the most important question that needs answering! As mentioned, a lot of (so-called) Instagram growth services can pose a significant threat to your Instagram account, simply down to the fact that both bots and fake accounts are noticeable to them and you run the risk of having your account suspended. 

The GREAT news with KickFollower is that there is ZERO danger for your Instagram account. Why? Because any and all growth seen is totally organic and human-powered, meaning it doesn’t jeopardize your IG whatsoever. Totally safe!

What About The Prices?

It tends to be the way that you come across a really amazing service, yet the prices are unaffordable. Very rarely does it happen that you get both great service AND great prices. But guess what? KickFollower offers both! Their pricing plans are as follows:

Basic – $59 per month (perfect for individuals looking for some extra growth)

Professional – $89 per month (ideal for influencers trying to boost their growth significantly)

Advanced – $229 per month (suitable for larger businesses looking for substantial growth)

KickFollower Final Review

As you’ve probably concluded yourself from reading this and doing your own research, KickFollower comes highly recommended by us. We cannot fault them. Amazing customer service, amazing growth, amazing prices – AND at no risk at all to your Instagram account. They are definitely the best on the market right now!