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Moving to Boston, Pros and Cons

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Puritan colonists from England had founded Boston City in 1630. It was called Trimountaine at that time and colonists had moved to this city for freshwater. Today, Boston is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a major hub in the state. 

It is a favorite location to settle in the USA for history buffs. People, who seek great education, medical, and work facilities, also move to Boston from all across the globe. Are you one of those people? 

Pay attention to the pros and cons of moving to Boston before you shift here. You will probably make a well-informed decision after reading this post!  

Why should you move to Boston, MA?

Millions of people want to move to Boston due to the following reasons:

  • World-class universities:

Most students want to move to Boston because it got the best universities in the entire country. World-famous universities, such as Harvard, Berklee, MIT, Turfs, Northeastern, and several top-rated universities are located in this city. 

People also call Boston a student’s community because thousands of young people live here. It’s The Hub for students who want to achieve something big in their lives. If you want to learn from the best faculties in the USA, you must move to Boston, Massachusetts.  

  • Great work opportunities:

Are you living in your current city to find a better work opportunity? Boston got various industries and a productive job market is available here. You can easily find an appealing job in finance, technology, or life science. 

Many Bostonian startups and entrepreneurs are looking for candidates who can help them in expanding their business. Do you believe you are that candidate? Move to Boston if your answer is yes! Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, and many big companies have their offices in Boston. You will get a job with a handsome salary if you can prove your worth! 

  • Top-rated medical facilities:

Boston got the best medical facilities in the New England region. Hospitals offer the best support to cure all sorts of diseases. You won’t need to travel too far if reside in this city. You will get support from the finest doctors to treat both minor and major health issues. 

This city feature’s the USA’s top-ranked medical institutions, including Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Move here as soon as possible if you seek better healthcare facilities. 

  • High-quality food:

Boston is one of those cities where you can find many farmers markets for fresh foods. Fresh veggies, meats, and seafood allow you to try various cuisines in the kitchen. Suppose you aren’t in the mood to cook your meals, you can enjoy a huge variety of cuisines in local restaurants. 

It is a city where you can taste the best cuisines from all over the world. Stay at home and order online if you aren’t feeling like going out to have a meal. Boston offers such a huge variety of meals because people from many countries move to Boston for work and education. 

  • Pleasing weather:

You get a chance to enjoy all weather in this city. Winters can chill the bones, but the summer season remains more comforting than other southern cities. The weather gets a bit stormy during the July and August season, but it won’t be a huge issue. All in all, it’s a wonderful city to live in if you wish to avoid harsh weather conditions! 

  • Impressive transportation facilities:

You can use the subway, bus, or rail to travel across the city. Newly moved people take some time to grasp, but your smartphone will make things simpler. You can also use online cab services to get a quick ride to the desired destination. 

Bostonians reach its suburbs within a few minutes. You won’t need the transportation service if you live in the city. Rent an apartment close to your institute or workplace and then you can take a walk to the facility. 

Many historic events occurred in this city and that’s why history buffs choose to live in this city. There is a lot to explore and see. Every weekend will come with an opportunity to enjoy life and experience something new. Therefore, you must move to Boston! 

Why you may not like to move to Boston?

  • Everyone can’t afford the cost of living in Boston!

You won’t find this city pocket-friendly if you live in one of Boston’s urban areas. Expensive rentals and expensive foods make it pretty daunting to survive in Boston. People often choose to live in the suburbs because the cost of living can reduce as much as $500. 

Students use their scholarships to reduce living expenses and working people often move to suburbs to manage their expenses. The cost of living in this city is 47% higher than other cities in the USA and that’s a big issue for many people!   

  • Public transportation can be confusing if you are new in Boston:

Train services cut the commute efficiently, but it is pretty confusing for newly moved people. You will take some time to learn to navigate the train network properly. There are Red, Blue, and Orange subway tracks and these tracks connect different parts of the city. 

You won’t get the train service after 1 AM! So, if you plan to enjoy late-night parties, get the Uber or Lyft application installed on your smartphone. You will need these cab services to return home!

  • Traffic and parking issues:

Every Bostonian deals with traffic and finding a free parking spot is the biggest challenge in the city. You will avoid the use of your car because it won’t be possible to reach the intended location in time. The traffic is always high on the street and navigating Boston’s streets can be a big challenge. It’s not an ideal city to live in if you want to avoid traffic and parking issues! 

Final thoughts:

There are more benefits of living in Boston than its drawbacks. Traffic, parking, and the cost of living are increasing in every major city. Boston still offers ways of saving money and living a happy life. So, hire Boston Movers and move to this amazing city as soon as possible.