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Learn to Track Your Consulting Hours!


Time is a precious resource for consultants, as they have to keep track of where they are spending it. Tracking your time ensures you bill your clients correctly and get paid for your efforts. Also, you would know the exact consulting hours you spend on a client, including traveling. 

So, if you still don’t know how to track your consulting hours, it is time to learn them. We will cover different aspects to help you understand the basics of tracking consulting hours. 

Take Advantage of the Time-Tracking Tool or App

With the right tools, consultants can track their time without going through a lot of hassle. Many applications have a smooth UX/UI design, making these apps super-friendly to use. You can choose any one of the best time tracking apps for consultants.

You can get various features in the app to manage your schedule. What’s more, you can receive push notifications to stay up-to-date about every task. The app will send you reminders to ensure you don’t spend more time on insignificant tasks. 

Keep an Eye on Deadlines 

Another great way to track your consulting hours is by keeping an eye on your deadlines. If you set a schedule for a task and meet the deadline, measuring the hours will become quite easy. 

Moreover, you can also know how much time you have spent above the deadline on a particular task. You can log the additional time into your record to bill the client.

Create a Spreadsheet

The conventional approach many consultants use to track hours is creating a spreadsheet. You can make a column and list all the tasks you need to get done throughout the day. Next to these columns, you can note down the start and the end times. 

Then, you can subtract them to determine the hours spent on that specific task. With the help of the spreadsheet, you can: 

  • Organize your entire data 
  • Calculate the start and the end hours
  • Create various columns to track your consulting time

Bill Regularly

You must bill your clients regularly since you might miss out on the hours. If you keep waiting to bill at the end of the project, you won’t be able to keep track of your hours. 

Doing so will help you maintain a record of your consulting hours. Therefore, you should send invoices to your clients daily, weekly, or monthly.


The steps discussed in this article will help you learn and get a better idea about tracking your consulting hours. So, make sure you implement these things and keep a record of your time. If you need a helping hand, give PSOHUB a try as this all-one solution caters to consultant’s various needs.

PSOHUB is a cost-effective project management tool that gives you access to many features. Also, you can integrate with other software, such as QuickBooks project management to leverage its amazing functionalities for streamlining operations.