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How Much Money Do You Need to Develop a Cross-Platform Application?

Determining the cost of developing an application is quite difficult to calculate because it depends on many factors.  For reference, apps like Angry Birds or Uber are said to have cost between $90,000 and $130,000 to develop (despite being pioneers).  It is important to keep in mind that these apps were very simple in the beginning and have gone through many updates to become what they are today.  Mobile app development has grown into a multi-million dollar industry with high hopes for the future.  But how can an entrepreneur get into this business?

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There are many factors that affect the cost of an application, but we can offer several orders to give you an idea of   the quantities being processed.  First of all, let’s look at the most important parameters that affect the price of an application:

Application complexity

There are simple applications that are developed in a few hours, and complex games or social networks that require tens of thousands of hour

Content Manager (CMS)

For dynamic content, is there a content manager that the application should be integrated with, or do you need to create your own content manager to change the content of the application?

Data access

Will the application need to connect to servers to perform searches, update information in real time, and display results?


Does it include information based on the user’s location?  For example, information about a nearby store may be displayed.

Augmented reality

For example, do we want to display a 3D image of a TV when we view it in a printed catalog?

Payment Gateway

Does the app have payment options or is it used to sell products?  Do you need to integrate payment through app stores or other payment gateways?

User registration

Do you need to enable the user registry?  What data should be collected?

Sending push notifications

In general, it is interesting to include the ability to send personalized messages to users through the application they downloaded.  Is this a requirement?  What notifications?  Do you need to create a notification management interface or should it be integrated into an existing system?

Integration with other systems

The complexity of development increases significantly if the application needs to be integrated with existing company systems (content manager, databases, user management, push notifications, etc.), and depending on the existing system, there can be many variations.

Graphic design

Obviously, a simple design with menus and info pages is not the same as apps that include games.


The number of platforms an application needs to run on is critical when calculating the cost.

Native/hybrid apps

Applications can be built natively or in a hybrid way, allowing you to create multi-platform applications in a single development.  In the case of native applications, higher quality and performance are achieved at a higher cost, while hybrid applications offer lower performance but significantly lower cost.

Development team

To develop a high-quality mobile application, a multidisciplinary team of at least 5 people with knowledge in the desired area is required.

Cost/hour of a programmer/designer of mobile applications

The cost of an hour of programming/design can range from $40 for an inexperienced freelancer to over $140 or more charged by consultants and software makers to experienced programmers.

Given the above parameters, you can determine the price range for the development of the application.

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