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What Products Will Appear in Fintech in the Near Future?

By 2025, the volume of the global fintech market will exceed $300 billion. This huge figure only confirms that the development of financial technologies is not going to stop.

In addition to the usual neobanks and contactless payments, there are several other products that may hypothetically appear in the near future. We’ll talk about them today.

#1. Subscription-based banks

During the pandemic, the number of people who subscribed to online services has greatly increased. Following the trend, the subscription model is being introduced not only by media services, but also by banks.

The intention to get even more value is shaping new ways of interaction between business and consumer: a subscription as a commitment over a long period of time allows a business to offer a more interesting and sought-after offer, providing high quality service.

#2. Saring economy

The desire of customers to save money and allocate resources more rationally led experts to come up with ideas for new products that, in their opinion, could be implemented in the near future:

  • Family loan sharing – for large purchases, so as not to save and not quarrel. The product will allow family, relatives or friends to share their future property and credit burden.
  • Loan sharing for public spaces is the opportunity to take out a mortgage or a loan for the purchase or improvement of public spaces. For example, children’s and sports grounds, roads, stops in a single residential complex, village or organization. With the development of self-government at the level of a residential complex or individual houses, such decisions can be made collectively at the general council of homeowners, and the loan payment will be distributed in monthly utility payments.

#3. Voice assistants

Over the past couple of years, large companies dealing with financial software development have begun to actively create voice assistants. All of them, on the one hand, help companies automate the resources of call centers, and on the other hand, they allow customers to quickly find answers to the most common questions, regardless of the day time.

Now voice assistants are a little awkward and funny, often answering inappropriately. But they shape the future. It all depends on the amount of information uploaded and the set of answers. Of course, the assistant must be aware of the whole situation and then it will be able to quickly offer the right solution.

The voice assistant trend has generated the following ideas for new banking product ideas:

  • Independent voice adviser. An independent adviser will aggregate the products of different banks and offer the most suitable financial strategies.
  • Assistant in achieving goals. Let’s say the user has set a goal to come to a specific lifestyle. The system itself will prepare suitable profiles of famous people for inspiration, create a trajectory to achieve a similar lifestyle, develop the necessary skills and abilities, and also suggest optimal financial behavior – spending on education, medicine and sports, investments.


Fintech is the future, because it simplifies the life of every person. We no longer waste time calling a taxi, we don’t keep cash to pay for purchases, we don’t physically transfer money to each other, we insure the car remotely.

Companies, on the other hand, save money on hiring employees by optimizing many business processes. The fintech development trend will intensify, new projects will appear. So, let’s see!