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Leather Laptop Bag: The Most Comprehensive Buying Guide

If you own a laptop, either because you are a business person or student, a laptop bag is a must-have. Using it, you can carry your laptop wherever you wish without sacrificing your comfort or the laptop’s safety.

While there are lots of laptop bags to pick from, I would recommend that you get a fashionable leather laptop bag. Leather laptop bags combine style, function, and durability to let you get the best value for money. However, there is a range of leather laptop bags, all available in different styles to cater for different price points.

That said, how can you ensure that you will end up with nothing but the best leather laptop bag

available for you to buy? That’s where we come in. Read on for the most compressive guide to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Factors to consider while purchasing a leather laptop bag.

  1. Type of leather bag

Well, leather bags come in a variety of types, which means that you should be on the lookout for a type that will match your needs and style. The most common types to pick from include:

  •  Leather messenger bag

As the name suggests, messenger bags for laptop are mainly used for delivering items including articles. However, because of their shape and design, they are suitable for carrying laptops. These types of bags integrate a carry strap and a set of handles. This means that you can carry it while strapped across the shoulders like a sling bag or lift it using the handles.

  •  Leather backpacks

A leather backpack is a bag that is designed to be carried from the back. It includes two shoulder straps so that you can hang them on the shoulders during travel. Backpacks can carry a variety of items at a time, thanks to the different compartments. The best thing about today’s backpacks is the included laptop compartment that is heavily padded to protect your laptop from damage.

  •  Leather briefcases

A briefcase resembles a messenger bag. However, unlike messenger bags that result in a casual feeling, leather briefcases are quite professional, which makes them best suited for professionals such as lawyers or business persons. Briefcases integrate a handle that you are required to lift and hold while carrying it.

They are also easy to organize, and because of their shapes, they are excellent for organizing documents in addition to a laptop.

  •  Leather tote bags

Tote bags respond to the need for a stylish laptop bag, mainly suitable for use by women. These bags are quite similar to handbags, but thanks to the leather construction, they can shield your laptop from external elements including water.

  •  Leather duffel bags

Last but not least, you could opt to get a leather duffel bag. These bags highlight cylindrical shapes or a rectangular box-type structure. These bags can store a variety of accessories, though they are not the best options for carrying laptops. Although some duffel bags provide enough room for laptops, note that they could also limit the ability to store other items.


  • Type of leather

Another important factor that will let you determine the best leather laptop bag is the type of leather the bag is made of. There are different types of leather all derived from different animal skins. These include:

  •  Full-grain leather

This is the strongest kind of leather, which means that a laptop bag made of full grain leather is the most durable type of leather bag. Full-grain leather is derived from the top-most layer of the animal skin. This leather features some marks, scars, and blemishes which makes it unique.

  •  Top grain leather

This is the second-strongest type of leather. It is derived from full-grain leather. To obtain top grain leather, the manufacturer can either split, buff, or sand full-grain leather to remove the natural grain. The result is refined and uniform leather that is flexible and easy to work with.

  •  Genuine leather

This is the least durable type of leather. It is obtained from the leather scraps of top grain leather, full-grain leather, or both. Genuine leather is not pricey, which means that it makes the affordable types of leather laptop bags.

  1. Sizing

Laptop bags do not come in the same size. The reason is to cater for all laptop sizes, which range from 13” to 17”. Therefore, start by determining the size of the laptop you want to carry in the bag and get a bag that will provide the best fit. After all, picking a leather laptop bag that is smaller than the laptop means that you will not manage to carry it in the bag. Still, a bag that is quite big could leave your laptop moving around, which could result in its damage. Thus, pick a bag that features a reasonable size for the best fit.

4.Number of compartments

Besides the laptop bag size, determine if there are compartments in the bag. I would recommend a leather laptop bag with compartments for users who need to carry documents along with the laptop. The reason is to facilitate the easy organization of the different documents. Therefore, find out the number of compartments available in the bag and pick a laptop bag with adequate compartments to fit your accessories.

  1. Padding

Finally, the best leather laptop bag should integrate some padding around the laptop compartment for the optimal protection of the laptop. After all, you will need the laptop to be safeguarded from shocks should the bag hit on something. Therefore, ensure that the bag has adequate padding in the laptop sleeve for the best protection. Plus, if you are getting a bag with shoulder straps, opt for padded shoulder straps for user comfort.


I hope that this article has provided an insight into the factors to consider when you want to purchase the best leather laptop bag. Ensure that you consider each of the highlighted points so that you can obtain the best value for your money.