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List of All Bangla Newspaper List: All Bangladeshi Newspaper

As a Bangla newspaper, several newspapers in Bangladesh publish daily news updates and play a very important role in news coverage across the country. Apart from paper magazines, there are different types of Bangla-news-paper online which are very popular with the readers. The newspaper of Bangladesh publishes all the news of village Bengal and remote areas very accurately. At present, there are various newspapers of Bangladesh abroad that are very popular. You should know about these lists.  Because there are different categories of Bangladeshi newspapers, it may be difficult for you to understand them. Bangladeshi newspapers also expressed displeasure with both Bengali and English. If you want to get a complete idea about All Bangla Newspaper then please read the whole article.

Names of popular Bengali newspaper: all Bangla newspaper list, Bangladesh Newspapers are properly listed here. As an ideal citizen, you should know the names of popular Bengali newspapers. You need to collect daily news from these newspapers. So, you have to know about these perfectly. I want to mention some of the names to give you a complete idea about it. You can introduce yourself to the popular Bengali news paper. There are many Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh such as- The Daily Prothom Alo, The Bangladesh Pratidin, The Kaler Kontho, The Daily Jugantor, The Daily Ittefaq, The Samakal, The Daily Janakantha, The Amader Somoy, The Bhorer Kagoj, The Daily Manab Zamin, The Daily Inqilab, The Daily Sangbad, The Alokito Bangladesh, The Jaijaidin, The Daily Sangram, The Daily Azadi, The Daily Naya Diganta, The Bengali Converter, The Daily Amar Sangbad, The Protidiner Sangbad. The Manab Kantho, The Arthoniteer Kagoj, The Daily Suprobhat, The Bonik Barta, The Ajker Bazar, The National Daily Sorejomin Barta, The Ajker Patrika, The Dhakar Dak, The Khola Kagoj, etc. You will get various types of news from these Bengali newspapers. As Bengali, we love to read Bengali newspaper. We feel comfort by reading the Bengali newspaper. So, we should know details about these Bengali newspapers. This list will help you to get ideas about All Bangla News Paper.

Importance Of Bengali newspaper: Newspaper is a very essential part of our life. We cannot live without a newspaper for a single day. It is important for teachers, businessmen, political leaders, students, family members, farmers, a rickshaw puller, and everyone else. You cannot delay this matter anyhow. Students need to seek and gather information for their studies. Without correct and current information they cannot continue their study. Every citizen has to know about the whole world to cope with the present condition. If you want to prosper in your life and make yourself an ideal citizen you should take all news about your country. The newspaper has international, national, and local news. You can know all information by reading the newspaper. Bangla newspaper is very easy to understand. All kinds of people can understand the Bengali newspaper. Those who are not higher educated persons, can read the Bengali newspaper easily and know about the current world. Students can read the Bengali newspaper easily and understand the information. 

Concept About The Best Bengali Newspapers: Knowing the names of Bengali newspapers is not enough for us. We need to know about the details information. There are many types of Bengali newspapers like daily, weekly, monthly. We know about the specific type of newspaper.

Daily Bengali Newspaper: At first, we discuss the daily newspapers. These newspapers are a very essential part of our life. We can know all updates by the daily newspaper. Which newspapers are published every day, we call them the daily newspaper. These newspapers contain daily updates. Are you wanting to know the top 10 Bengali daily newspaper’s name? Okay, I will help you to know these names. Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Protidin, Jugantor, Kaler Kantho, Inqilab, Ittefaq, Amader Somoy, Naya Diganta, Samakal, and Sangbad are the popular daily Bengali newspapers. These newspapers have some special features. For these reasons, they can get reputation and popularity also. You will all the new updates in the newspapers. The reporters of these newspapers are very punctual. The hardworking of them, these newspapers get the present popularity. You will get all kinds of news like politics, crime, achievement, sports, entertainment, economy, share market, statement, etc related news. You will get daily weather news from these newspapers. For this reason, we can get all updates from time to time. The daily newspaper sends the news at our door. 

If you want to know about the Daily Prothom Alo newspaper, this article will help you. Because The Daily Prothom Alo is the best Bengali newspaper. You will get the latest updates from this newspaper. The written quality is very good of this newspaper. For this reason, people love these newspapers. You will get economic, political, crime, entertainment, sports, business, opinion, rainfall, lifestyle, etc related news from this newspaper. This newspaper started its journey on 4 November 1998. About 5.3 million people read these newspapers. We know this information by the survey of MRB Bangladesh. The Daily Prothom Alo get the highest readership reputation. The format of this newspaper is broadsheet. The Daily Prothom Alo newspaper is the most latest and famous newspaper in Bengali.  So, we can say that daily newspapers are an important part of our daily life. We can make concern in our life right time by the daily newspapers.

Weekly Bengali Newspaper: At this step, we discuss Bengali weekly newspapers. The first two Bengali weekly newspapers are published from Rangpur.  These newspapers publish one day each week. These newspapers publish all news in one week. You will get political, sports, entertainment news in these newspapers. There are poems, short stories, factions, etc in these newspapers. The Amar Bazar, Agrajatra, Amar Bangla, Amader Bazar, Aparadh Bichatra, Ayna, Bahamas, Dinkal Bartman, Budhbar, Holiday, Economic Times, First News, Ittihad, Thikana, Muktir Dak, Monitor, etc are the weekly Bengali newspapers. You will get weekly national and international news by reading these weekly newspapers. These help you to get all news at one time. You can save your time by reading these newspapers. Chakrir Khobor is the most popular weekly newspaper. Job seekers people like this newspaper because they seek job news from these newspapers. For busy persons who cannot get time to read the daily newspaper, the weekly newspaper is the best option for them. So, we can say that weekly newspapers are not less important than daily newspapers. We should read the weekly newspapers to seek all information for each week.

Monthly Bengali Newspaper: We want to read the summary in a short time. For this reason, the monthly Bengali newspaper is the most famous to the people. These newspapers contain current affairs, articles, features, and advertisements. You will get local, national, international political issues, economic, crime, entertainment, business, technology, education, agriculture, etc related news from the monthly Bengali newspapers. Masik Agraj, Masik Bangar Awaj, Masik Upokul Sangbad, Masik Samprotik Sadesh, etc are the most famous monthly Bengali newspapers. If you miss any daily or weekly news, you can collect the news from these monthly Bengali newspapers. Or if you don’t want to miss any news, you should read monthly newspapers. These newspapers have all the important news of a month so that readers cannot miss or skip any important information. The monthly newspaper acts as a source of information. You can gather information at a time. So, the monthly Bengali newspapers help you to get monthly information. These newspapers have special featured than daily and weekly newspapers. 

Other Newspapers: There are some newspapers, these newspapers have special features. The acts by specific affairs like a business, job, economics, share-market, sports, entertainment, etc. If you want to need specific information, you should read these specific newspapers. You will get your desired news from these specific newspapers. Such as Bonik Barta, Ajker Bazar, etc newspapers are financial newspapers. If you read these newspapers, you will get economic news. They contain daily share market updates, price, budget, condition of economics, business condition, etc. If you are a businessman, you can read these newspapers for knowing daily updates. Are you seeking job news? Well, you should read The Saptahik Chakrir Khobor newspaper. This newspaper contains government, non-government, NGO job news. We have provided accurate information about all Bangla newspapers so that you can get a proper idea. In addition to the printed newspapers, you should gain proper knowledge about all online Bengali newspapers.

Online Bangla newspaper: Nowadays, online Bengali newspapers have started gaining a lot of popularity. More and more Bangla newspapers have started circulating in the country and abroad.  Bangladeshi expatriates regularly read Bangladeshi newspapers online as well as enjoy online weekly magazines. Most of the newspapers mentioned above publish online. There is no difference between a physical print magazine and an online magazine. You can read the same news in print magazines and online. The biggest advantage of online magazines is that you can enjoy online Bangla newspapers with the help of mobile devices from anywhere. At present, a large number of Bangladeshi newspapers can be seen. You can read any magazine of your choice whenever you like.

The difference between Bangladeshi printed newspapers and online Bengali newspapers

If you want to read Bangladeshi printed newspapers, you have to spend money on it. It is printed only once a day. Bangladeshi newspapers are known as daily newspapers. So you can read the news of the day on time the next morning. The biggest advantage of online magazines is that if you have an internet connection you can enjoy any news at no cost. You can also read Bangladeshi online newspapers if you want to get constantly updated news. So you can read any one of the Bangla newspapers as per your choice. 

Only those magazines that are very famous and popular are mentioned here. In addition to these Bangla-newspapers, there are many more Bangla-newspapers. Not all Bangladeshi newspapers’ names are mentioned here, but with the help of Google you can quickly find out any Bangladeshi newspaper. The number of Bangladeshi-newspapers is increasing day by day due to the popularity of Bangladeshi newspapers. However, all the newspapers to provide the correct information that you should read all the Bangladeshi newspapers.

Final Word: So we hope you have gained a piece of comprehensive knowledge about All Bangla Newspapers through this article. We have just given you an idea about the Bangladeshi All Newspapers but you should keep in mind that Bangladesh has a huge collection of Bangla Newspapers. All the information of the printed newspaper has been provided starting from online. If you like to read Bangla newspapers, you can always know the news of the country by choosing any one of the newspapers from here. Also, if you want to get all the news updates online, you can collect the news by liking the websites of the magazines or Facebook pages.