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Three Online Video Games Where Gambling is Important    

We discuss the relationship between the gaming & gambling industries. Gambling features are becoming more and more popular in modern-day video games.  

The connection between gambling and video games like Age of Wonders 4 is closer than ever as both industries have flourished in the last couple of years. The two niches may not attract the same crowd, but they complement each other very well, both explicitly and implicitly. We could even argue the case of video games representing the form of escapism for gambling addicts. 

Now that gambling has a bigger presence in the popular online games, the problematic casino addicts could possibly switch from real-money wagers to the bets within online games. They may not get the same experience or thrill, but the rise in the importance of gambling within video games does contribute to the larger appeal. After all, this may well be one of the main “larger cause” reasons for the online gaming industry to be suddenly paying such massive attention to casino games within their popular creations. We sincerely doubt it, though. At the end of the day, money drives it all, and if the presence of the gambling features within video games did not help the industry from the financial point of view, we sincerely doubt they would have kept introducing it. 

Can gambling within video games substitute real-money wagering? 

This is a big question with a relatively easy answer. As much as the video game creators are trying to increase the importance of gambling features within their games, the reality is that gambling in video games can never be a genuine replacement to real-life casinos. This does not mean you can’t have fun by spinning these slot reels in a video game. We just refer to the extent of thrill and entertainment, which can never be paralleled between the two.  

Can you improve your gaming experience by being good at gambling features within video games? 

This is the other type of question and the answer to this one is affirmative. This is where the importance of gambling in certain games comes into play. While discussing this theme, we can absolutely confirm the possibility of making extra money by playing online video games in 2021. Although your financial success may not necessarily be bound to in-game gambling features, they can, by all means, help you en route to making some additional money by playing the games. 

We won’t go further into another discussion (the ways you can make money by playing video games), we’ll only mention the possibility of earning money without going on AmericaGambles or similar gambling-related sites to look for the best places for real-money wagering. If you are among those who are skeptical about the possibility of getting thrilled by gambling in video games (fair enough, we understand you), you’ll likely be tempted just to stick to these casino-related sites, look for special bonuses, and play real-money games. 

Nevertheless, you are still advised to read this article to find out what are the three games where gambling is important. 

1 – GTA V

Only a small portion of aficionados believed the “Opening Soon” sign on the entrance of the GTA V online casino. However, it did open the doors to the public in July 2019. In the Diamond Casino & Resort, you can exchange the GTA money for casino chips. You have the option of playing almost every game available in real casinos, from slots to table games like blackjack, roulette, etc. 

This casino is a fantastic call for those who are afraid of real-money gambling addiction. They are not putting their own money at risk by playing in the GTA V online casino, but they are not playing for beans either. The in-game money is up for grabs, bringing along the possibility of purchasing the exclusive cars and houses and being privileged in the crowd along the way. In general, the players had positive reactions to the introduction of the Diamond Casino & Resorts, although some reported massive losses of their in-game possessions. 

2 – Red Dead Redemption 2

We will stick with Rockstar (the developers of both GTA and Red Dead Redemption), a company that has recognized the importance of introducing gambling features to video games. In Red Dead Redemption 2, gambling is of big significance. You can never experience the games to the fullest without completing the special in-game gambling challenges. 

There are ten challenges in total and you can’t begin one unless you have completed the previous. The first couple of challenges are fairly easy (i.e. win five hands in Texas Hold’Em Poker), but they get more complicated as you progress. The more you are into these challenges, the more you’ll know about the game itself (mechanics, etc.). So, in this game gambling is not just introduced for players to have fun. Instead, if you skip these gambling challenges, you are in danger of losing the sense of progression entirely. Gambling is thus not a part of Red Dead Redemption 2, it is rather integral to it. 

3 – Final Fantasy VIII

Even if you are foreign to the gaming world, there is a high chance you have heard of the great Final Fantasy series. There is a lower chance that you have known about gambling as its recurring story element, though. Expressed via special mini-games, it allows players to win prizes, money, or items (all usable in the games). The mini-games come in the shape of slots, card games, or Chocobo racing events. 

By analyzing the game patterns (and putting hours and hours into the gameplay), we can say that these gambling features are heavily underestimated in Final Fantasy VIII. You can get all these cool items much quicker by playing slot machines rather than battling for them. By winning the unique cards such as Minotaur, Sacred, or Ifrit, you will certainly get the genuine real-casino feeling and possibly be in a position to understand the level of the thrill the real bettors have while doing their favorite activity.