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List of Top 3 Best Internets

A stable Internet connection is an essential requirement for households as well as businesses. No one wants a tricky connection that can fail any time. Broadband has changed our lives. We can communicate and stay in touch with the whole world with a few clicks. No distance is too far and no information is out of reach, all thanks to the power of the internet. Our jobs, education, and even our well-being are now co-dependent on this giant. Internet is what’s making the world go round.

When we talk about the stability of a connection, we mean its download and upload speed as well as the reliability of the ISP that is providing the service. There are different networks over which internet service providers are offering their broadband services. They include Cable, Fiber-Optic, DSL, and Satellite. They all offer variable speeds and all vary by cost as well. We are going to discuss three such ISPs which we think are the best in all of the United States. They include Spectrum, AT&T, and Xfinity. We’ll take a look at the overall view of each so that you get a general idea of their services.

Charter Spectrum

They are the USA’s second-largest ISP with services in over 44 states, nationwide. They offer reliable services over a network of hybrid fiber-coax cables. There is no contract on any of their services. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with them. They offer Internet, Cable TV, and Voice plans and bundles. You can get further details at

There are various plans that you can choose from with outstanding offers. Their internet prices start from $49.99 with speed up to 200 Mbps, which is enough for a single user or a small household. You can stream, surf and game without worrying about speed throttle or data caps.

Their Gig plan is good for big setups or if you have a big family. It is also an excellent choice for online gaming buffs as well as for connecting a plethora of devices and gadgets simultaneously. So, binge and game away at any point in the day and there’s nothing to stop you.

There’s a free modem with every plan plus a free antivirus software. If you want internet on the go then you can try free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that are available across the nation.


They have millions of faithful followers all through the country. They have been around a lot longer than any other internet service provider. They offer internet over the Fiber-Optic, which makes them an expensive data carrier. Fiber is much faster and more reliable than any other connection.

Their fastest plan is the Gig plan with speeds that go up to 1,000 Mbps. They also offer unlimited data with home Wi-Fi which is secure. Then you get free installation and no contracts. Such a plan with AT&T will cost somewhere around $60.

There is a monthly equipment fee, however, they do not charge for standard installation. They promise services that are untouched by compromises with availability to half the United States, almost 22 states.

Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity is offering services on two networks. The first one is the Cable network while the second is the Fiber-Optic. Their most sought-after plans are the cable ones considering they are much more affordable than the Fiber plans. They are the third-largest ISP with services available to almost 39 states including Washington D.C.

Their internet prices for cable broadband start from $29.99 with 15 Mbps download speed, which is less than Spectrum cost-wise. However, Spectrum offers 200 Mbps speeds on its lowest plan, making it the better choice. The maximum speed is 600 Mbps at the cost of $69.99 per month. They do offer certain discounts if you opt for self-install and paperless bills.

Their fiber connections aren’t available to everyone, as the service is being offered at limited locations. The speeds though are greater than any other ISP. You stand to get 2 Gbps for $299 per month. That sure is expensive but if you can afford it and it’s available in your area then this can be a game-changer.

Before you decide on an ISP, there are a few things you should find out first. You cannot make a good decision if it isn’t an informed one. So, try keeping these basic essentials in mind before going shopping for a connection.

  1. You should know about your speed requirements. They will depend on the nature of your usage.
  2. List down the ISPs that are available at your location. This will make the search easier.
  3. A standalone internet connection may not be the perfect solution for your requirements. Look at the bundles that most ISPs are providing.
  4. If you’re a rural area resident, a Satellite connection may be your only option for reliable connectivity.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of Internet Service Providers. Choose wisely