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Why the Content is the Main Pillar of On Page SEO 

On-page SEO having those activities that directly affect the content, pages, and architecture of the site – in another term, all of the internal factors that make a site useful for the visitor. An immediate option is to consider as SEO consultant to assist in search engine optimization (SEO) technology, processes, and techniques.

There are many search engine optimization tools which helps to organize your content in topics that interest your customers. Each site is includes of a landing page and that page must have relevant content. Supporting content which is linked to a landing page on your main website assist different search engines to discover your content and come into view in search results.

Choose best Article Topic 

Choose best article topic is a main problem, or idea that your clientele are interested in. Only a relevant content help to get good SEO results and maximum leads.

Monthly Search Volume: Longer search terms may not generate very high monthly search volume, while broader terms may be trendier, even though they are more difficult to rank for.

Difficulty: This is an estimate of the difficulty you will face on the main search results page for this topic. This rating is measured on a 100-point scale, which means that it is easier to achieve success with topics that have lower ratings.

Over the years, the wordpens team has created some of the best blog posts and articles. Keyword Phrase with consistent and proper use of content marketing techniques

Landing page

This landing page links to high-quality web content which include the relevant keywords related to site. Search engine optimization good practices on the page, and position the article topic in the page title, page URL, and heading tag of page content. Also, the page content of a landing page must be customized to convert visitors, as all main links are directed on the landing page.

One can get the idea for the content of landing page by viewing the content of their competitor pages. 

The landing page link should be at the top level menu of your website, in a space that receives a lot of organic web traffic. To make sure that different search engines can creep all content on the web page, the landing page must not have the password protected content. Make sure that landing page should have sufficient page content

Subtopic keywords

Subtopic keywords address a exact question regarding the topic of your landing page. This content element should comprise a link to your landing page to get more traffic to your website. When you add a blog post, landing page, or web page, the SEO crawler monitors the number of inbound links that linked to your landing page.

You can attach the following types of content to your child topic keywords in the SEO tool:

  • One of your blog posts, landing pages, or web pages
  • The full URL of a web page
  • A link to a high-quality external blog or website

Meta description: 

Meta descriptions are used by search engines to measure the topic you are writing and the exact audience you need to submit to that page. Therefore, it should be descriptive and short, with no more than 160 characters.

You don’t have to include the keyword in the meta description (it just doesn’t work). With 160 characters, there is not enough space to fill. Instead, use a synonym for the main keyword or a latent semantic index (LSI) to get the SEO on the page in the meta description and satisfy the search engine.

Create content that drives search traffic

Content is the backbone of a thriving business, and on the page SEO is the backbone of content marketing. You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” But successful content marketing is more than just “content.” You need to generate the type of content that generates traffic and grows your business. This involves the use of certain keyword phrase components, including long-tail anchor words.