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Loandepot Park VIP Box & Suites

Enjoy great hospitality and the best views at an event by booking premium tickets to Loandepot Park suites. This will offer any guest a chance to relish in the heights of grandeur and convenience. These VIP seating options are perfect for guests looking to entertain clients or socialize with loved ones. They offer a good setting to wine and dine to the finest foods and beverages while watching the hottest actions in the privacy of your own seating area. If you’re a fan of high-class treatment and plush furnishings, you’ll be able to secure a memorable time watching the event in the comfort of a Loandepot Park VIP box.

How To Buy Loandepot Park Suites & Boxes

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The best thing about Loandepot Park suites is that they offer a private well-furnished space away from the crowd and offer some of the best amenities for you to enjoy. These premium spots in the venue are usually located at ideal locations to offer some of the best angles to view an event. They make the perfect space to host business meetings, entertain clients, socialize with friends, and relax and chill with the family. Unlike regular seats, you don’t have to worry about other guests blocking your view or deafening you with unwanted noises. All in all, they offer a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll take you to a whole new level of excitement and convenience.

There are many advantages that come with purchasing tickets to Loandepot Park VIP Club seats. Many exclusive perks such as a private in-seat attendant, VIP club access, and private restrooms are unlocked once you secure a suite ticket. Fans will also get a chance to enjoy exclusive in-suite catering at the park and choose from a wide range of items on the menu. Loandepot Park suites also come with exclusive VIP parking passes that allow you to park on one of the four onsite VIP parking garages on the South and North sides of the venue. Suite ticket holders and guests with tickets to The Club: DEX Imaging can also access valet parking. They’ll also get VIP event entrance access to enter through either Bobby Maduro Entrance, 1st Base Dugout Club Entrance, 3rd Base Dugout Club Entrance, or The Club: DEX Imaging Entrance.

There are many Loandepot Park VIP box options to choose from. But since they are limited in availability and often in high demand, it is highly advisable that you get them early because they have a high chance of selling out. The Bud Lounge is a semi-private lounge space that comes with 8 tickets. These seating areas lie on the field level along the first baseline and include food and beverages. The Recess Sports Lounge Table comes with 3 to 8 tickets and is inclusive of catering. They make an ideal choice to dine and watch the event with an exceptional view.

Popular Loandepot Park suites include the Founders Suite and the Legends Suite, which come with 16 to 26 tickets each. The Founders Suite lies right behind home plate, and the Legends Suite is located in the infield. The MVP Suite comes with 8 to 20 tickets and lies on each baseline. It includes 2 to 4 parking passes. Another popular option is the Fiesta Suite which comes with 12 to 28 tickets and 3 to 4 parking passes. They lie along the first baseline and have the option to accommodate up to 56 guests.

Guests looking for a spacious Loandepot Park VIP box that can fit large groups of people can go for one of the two Championship Suites that accommodate 40 to 75 guests located on the first baseline and third baseline. They include 8 to 10 parking passes. Another option is the Hall of Fame Club which comes with 32 to 52 tickets with 6 parking passes. These suite options lie on the Legends Level behind home plate. The Autonation Alley Deck is the largest Loandepot Park VIP box option that fits 75 to 100 guests. They come with 10 to 15 parking passes and lie near Center Field, offering a unique view right above the actions.

Loandepot Park is a neo-modern baseball park featuring a retractable roof. The venue opened in 2012 as Marlins Park until it changed its name in 2020. The park is home to the professional MLB team, the Miami Marlins. The address of the venue lies at 501 Marlins Way in Miami and offers a wide selection of executive suites to enhance the experience of fans attending an event at the venue. It is one of the smallest MLB parks, with a capacity to hold 37442 guests for baseball games. Get tickets to Loandepot Park suites and enjoy what the LEED-certified greenest MLB park has to offer its guests.

Many important events have taken place at the venue, including the 2013 World Baseball Classic, the Miami Beach Bowl, the 2017 Major League All-Star Game, the Race of Champions, and more. The site is also a frequent host of other sporting events like soccer and college football. Various popular artists like Beyonce, Guns N’ Roses, and DJ Khaled have also made ground-breaking performances at the venue. A lot of interesting games are scheduled between the home team and worthy opponents. Be sure to grab tickets to a Loandepot Park VIP box to witness the hot actions on the field when the Marlins face their opponents like the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, and the Philadelphia Phillies, among others.

Loandepot Park VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do Loandepot Park VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

Check out the different suite levels to find the best price for Loandepot Park VIP Boxes & Suites. Many factors can contribute to the variation in prices, such as the event type and suite location. Luxury suites usually cost between $2900 to $35000, while single tickets can fit in a range between $149 to $790.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Loandepot Park VIP Box Or Suite?

Find the best Loandepot Park VIP Box Or Suite to accommodate your group. The Bud Lounge comes with 8 tickets, and the Recess Sports Lounge Table comes with 3-8 tickets. Both the Founders Suite and the Legends Suite come with 16 to 26 tickets each. The MVP suite features 8 to 20 tickets, while the Fiesta Suite comes with 12 to 28 tickets. The Championship Suite includes 40 to 75 tickets, the Hall of Fame Club comes with 32 to 52 tickets, and the Autonation Alley Deck includes 75 to 100 tickets.