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T-Mobile Arena VIP Box & Suites

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be one of the premium ticket holders to a T-Mobile Arena VIP box? Get your question answered by securing a first-hand experience by getting a chance to enjoy the privileges that come with these highly popular seating options. Whether you’re trying to impress your clients, get the most out of the event, or have fun in the company of your friends and family, T-Mobile Arena suites offer all it takes to make the whole experience a memorable one. Be sure to check out the available options to see if you can find the perfect seating area for a grand experience of luxury and indulgence.

How To Buy T-Mobile Arena Suites & Boxes

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A VIP box or suite is a premium seating space that is located away from the general crowd. These spaces offer unrivaled privacy and tons of perks and excitement for a highly elevated experience. There are 46 T-Mobile Arena suites above the lower bowl area that offer guests some of the finest perks and privileges of being a suite ticket holder. The arena is furnished with impressive to make the whole VIP experience something extraordinary. So, if you wish to indulge in the luxuries and amenities that come with these premium tickets, don’t hesitate to give these luxury suites a go. You’ll surely be impressed with the fine perks and benefits that ensure a new and improved experience while attending an event.

Private suites are synonymous with indulgence and convenience. It is not surprising why they raise high demands. The exclusive perks that come with these suites can’t be found anywhere else. Besides, these special seating areas are quite exclusive and limited in nature. This makes them even more difficult to obtain if you’re not smart enough to book them in advance. So, if you want to experience the pleasure of being a T-Mobile Arena VIP box holder, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting them early.

Many beneficial features come with T-Mobile Arena VIP Club seats. This is why they sport high demand and prices. With the purchase of luxury suites, you’ll get access to VIP parking passes as well as a dedicated VIP event entrance for easy access to the suite levels. Visitors with suite tickets will also get VIP club access and will be able to access various clubs and lounges in the venue. They’ll also have their own private restrooms, in-suite catering options, as well as an in-seat attendant to wait on them. If you wish to enjoy these exclusive perks amidst upscale furnishings and locations with the best views, give T-Mobile Arena suites a chance to prove their privileges.

Are you looking for a unique open-air semi-private T-Mobile Arena VIP box to watch your favorite event? The Opera Box is the best choice for intimate groups. Located on one end of the arena above the lower seating bowl, each box comes with 4 tickets and 2 VIP parking passes with available catering. The boxes come with various perks and amenities, including a mini-fridge, F&B counter space, HDTVs, in-suite catering, and a dedicated suite attendant. The Luxury Suite is a premium seating area that comes with 12 tickets with an option to buy 4 additional tickets. Luxury suite ticket holders can enjoy the amenities of in-suite catering, 3 VIP passes, VIP club access, and more.

The Event Level Suite is the perfect T-Mobile Arena VIP box to host an event with your clients, friends, or family. These options lie below either side of the arena bowl and offer a premium experience. The suite comes with 16 tickets with 4 VIP parking passes and available catering. The capacity can be expandable to fit 24 guests. The amenities of Event Level Suites include a private restroom, HDTVs, upscale furnishing, VIP club access, and more. The largest suite option available at the venue is the Party Suite which has the option to seat 36 to 48 people. They make great options for business meetings. These suites come with 9 VIP parking passes, club access, and grand business settings. Choose the most suitable T-Mobile Arena suites to fit your group for an experience you’ll never forget.

T-Mobile Arena is a major entertainment hub that brings together some of the greatest events of sports, concerts, and shows. As one of the newest arenas, it sports some of the best features that offer the most to its visitors. Don’t hesitate to grab tickets to a T-Mobile Arena VIP box and see what wonders await you in this 20000-seat multi-purpose indoor arena. The venue lies at 3780 South Las Vegas Boulevard on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise. Known as Las Vegas Arena during planning and construction, it opened in 2016 and currently hosts UFC as well as the professional NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

In addition to ice hockey games and UFC events, the venue also hosts various other events, including professional wrestling and boxing, mixed martial arts, and more sporting events. It is also the site of several music award ceremonies, including the Billboard Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards, among others. There are several upcoming concerts of famous artists scheduled to perform at the venue. You might be able to discover available T-Mobile Arena suites for the concerts of artists like Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, James Taylor, Daddy Yankee, and Chris Brown. Make the reservations while you can and enjoy high-quality entertainment at The Fortress.

T-Mobile Arena VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do T-Mobile Arena VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

You can expect to pay $3000 to $30000 for T-Mobile Arena VIP boxes & suites based on factors like the event, popularity, suite location, and more. If you plan to attend the event alone, you might be able to find single tickets to luxury suites. Based on the factors above, these tickets cost between $147 to over $720.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A T-Mobile Arena VIP Box Or Suite?

Go through the available T-Mobile Arena VIP box or suite options for the best suite for your group. Each Luxury Suite comes with 12 tickets, with an additional 4 tickets that can be purchased. The Opera Box includes 4 tickets, the Event Level Suite comes with 16 tickets, and the Party Suite is the largest suite option with 36 tickets.