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Logo Design Trends 2022

Last year we had the pleasure of seeing the predominance of wordmarks, 3D logos and ink variations. But it’s not easy to predict where the logo fashion goes the next moment, especially after the past two years. Tendencies follow one another, trade places, fade away and rise from the ashes, and sometimes this dynamic is surprising. So, let’s see what logo design trends will run the show in 2022. We have counted 15 of them.

Why do you need a logo

A good logo is embodying your brand identity, its message, style and even type of products. It also provides recognizability to your company – it is your business card in every sense. There are several reasons for creating a really good logo:

  • to formulate your brand conception;
  • to make a strong first impression in order to make your target audience, potential partners and investors love what you do;
  • to be easily remembered;
  • to stand out among business competitors.

Creative logo design helps to demonstrate your company’s special vibe, its philosophy. It also helps to interest people, make them curious enough for reading about you or even swiping several product cards on your website.

Top 20 logo design trends

The deepness of gradients


Logo by Abu Talha

A well-forgotten old trend is back on the horse. Fading of different colors into each other will be popular, as well as monochromatic options. The key is in harmonious combinations. Pay special attention to scalability, gradients can make it difficult to realize.

Flatness, minimalism and monograms


Logo by Next Mahamud

One more old trend is back in contrast to the previous one. Simple fonts, colors and shapes highlight a conception of a logo. That is why so many brands and designers still use minimalism. And it’s easy to display and print.

Unchanging 3D options


Logo by Branding By Heart

If you do not know what your logo should look like, choose 3D, it works for thousands of brands all over the globe since the early 2000s. The new features are blurring and beveled edges (serif logos).

Nostalgia for begone eras


Logo  by SAMPLE

Retro is still popular. In 2022, we’ll see a lot of modern variations and stylizations on the theme of ‘90s, ‘80s, ‘70s and even ‘20s. Neon colors, good old grunge, abstractions, trippy looks, demonstrative symmetry, bold colors and fonts in logos and other attributes of different retro styles must be combined with your brand aesthetics now.



Logo by Alex Gorbunov

Animated logo design trend isn’t that new too. It is excellent for storytelling, adding some context to a logo. Animation still looks original, so it can help brands to stand out among competitors. Remember that dynamics of animation can’t be posted, so your choice can disappoint you in static.

Monochromatic stories

Logo by Nupur Akther

Clearness and versatility are what define this logo design trend. Monochromatic color schemes are not that easy to create, because you need to carefully integrate various tones and tints of a specific shade to form texture and depth, so choose wisely.

Hand-painted/ handwritten aesthetics


Logo by Alina Symerenko

Hand-drawn logos always look more private and allow you to show your company’s story and identity more accurately. Such a personal touch with stylized imperfections makes your message more clear and catchy to your target audience when used properly.

Edgy brush strokes


Logo by ForSureLetters

Brush strokes effect always gives logos tangibility and bulge. In 2022, it can be used both for backgrounds and font design. Usually this technique is used in tandem with deep bold tones and stylized textures.

Multi-layered logos

Logo by nayan

Layering is a classic choice for those who want to highlight some parts of a logo and add richness and depth to it. In 2022, there will be transparent effects, different contours and layered letter logos.

Geometric motifs

Logo by Mahjabin Afrin

Geometry with its wide variety of forms and shapes is a classical logo design trend. This year it is still popular, especially in combination with the previous one. Overlapping layers, transparency and geometric motifs will combine with line thicknesses experiments.

Typographical aesthetics

Logo by Typemate

It is all about contrast serif typefaces, elegant script fonts and lowercase letters. Be ready to see a lot of clean letterform and wordmark logos, as well as many experiments with the placement of words and letters, their styles and shapes.

Black and white


Logo by Saidur

Classic black and white combinations will be complemented by negative space to highlight contrast and drama.

Long logos


Logo by Cantone Studio

Tall logos are back too. This is something outstanding instead of horizontal options. In addition, vertical orientation is perfect for using on mobile phones and tablets.

Cartoon styles

Logo by Aleksandar Savic

Cartoon mascots and motifs are popular with all shapes and sizes, including detailing, 3D and outline style.

Candy colors

Logo by gaga_vastard

Candy schemes with their brightness and wildness will be a very popular logo design trend for businesses from many industries.

Choose wisely and be daring

Don’t be afraid to experiment, there are a lot of interesting and inspiring logo design trends in 2022. Just pick what you want and match it with your brand identity. Breaking rules is a credo for this year. So, let’s have fun with this.