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Looking to Up Your SEO Game? Trending SEO Ideas To Use In 2021 

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Search engine optimization or SEO has become an effective way to attract all your consumers to your online platform. All you need to do is to use this idea correctly. The concept of SEO evolves constantly according to the algorithms, needs, and demands of the online market. 

Top-ranking SEO performance needs attention to various metrics such as backlinks, traffic, and social shares. The below-listed guide gives you the best insight into some of the most timely and relevant search engine optimization ideas and trends that may help you prepare your SEO strategy for the current year. 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence is gradually changing the concept of how people interact with online content. The AI algorithm of Google is worth noting. This algorithm plays an integral role in the ranking factors of Google for search engine results page results. 

According to experts, an algorithm known as RankBrain will make AI one of the most sought-after trends to watch. You can optimize your SEO to use this algorithm, and it will yield you the best results. Any leading Charleston SEO service will help you exercise the same. Besides this, an on-page SEO checker may also help you assess the page strength based on pointers such as backlinks and readability. 

Long-form content to improve SERP: 

According to an expert marketing report, long reads of over 4000 words are likely to get three times more traffic and four times more shares than a read with a smaller word count. It is also predicted that such long content will achieve four times more backlinks than content ranging up to 1000 words. 

You can, therefore, improve your search engine rankings by engaging all your readers in long-written articles. The only thing to ensure here is to work on the quality of the content. The content you post should not be monotonous. Engaging content will keep your readers consumed for long. We also advise you to break your content into short paragraphs to make it more readable. Lastly, make sure that the content you post is easy to share. 

Improvement in terms of predictive search: 

The concept of content recommendation introduced by Google Discover has made it possible to identify behavioral patterns of typing. It is speculated that Discover will now be able to identify even better and most accurate content to interest all the users. 

You don’t have to do anything out-of-the-box to make this idea work. If Google indexes your page, it will automatically be included in the predictive search carried out by Google Discover. 

Image optimization to play a prime role: 

The evolution of visual image search has been remarkable. Earlier, people would only look at the images listed on the search engine. However, in the future, people can even use these images to obtain information and purchase products. This idea has become a useful SEO trend for 2021. 

You can make the most of this trend by optimizing the images on your website. Make the use of high-quality images relevant to your product or services. Do not forget to label the photo file and customize the file name on the corresponding pages. You can also use alt tags to classify the photos. Lastly, ensure to add the images to your site map. 


Apart from the above-listed trends, you must also pay attention to the local search listings as they are likely to play a larger role in Search Engine Optimization in upcoming years. Many people use search engines to find goods and services locally. The evolution of localized SEO will increase traffic on your website by manifold. 

Now that you are well-acquainted with the recent trends regarding search engine optimization, it’s time to use them for your website.