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Mastering the Bathroom Décor for a Trendy Look

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about herringbone flooring, from what it is and what to expect, to the benefits and things to look for.

In the home décor and designing earlier, the bathroom rarely got as much attention as it deserved. But times are changing. Today’s age is more about self-care. The bathroom allows you to leave behind all your tiredness and stress for an energetic start to the day.  You can rely on the latest accessories like tub caddies, hidden storage, shower rooms, and soap dispensers to make it more functional and soothing. All these components can be long-lasting and practical, unlike those bathroom carpet ideas. Here are some more suggestions in this context to help you build the perfect bathroom of your dreams and desires.

The choice of wall paint

Although color schemes play an important part everywhere, you need to be more careful about the bathroom. Generally, teal and white dominate this room for their brightness. These can be a must-have in smaller bathrooms as they reflect light and create an illusion of spaciousness. Plus, light wall paints evoke a sense of cleanliness. Besides teal, you can also go with greens and blues for their earthiness and aqua-feel. Earthy tones stand for a calm and relaxed ambiance. So you may find them more suitable for your space.

The choice of background color generally varies based on personal preferences. For example, females prefer pink and lavender variations, while men lean on darker and richer colors. Nevertheless, the corner that belongs to you should bear the footprint of your personality. So you have to ask yourself what best describes your tastes and interests. Nowadays, darker hues are doing well. Still, some tints like black are not as widely popular as others. This tone mainly adorns wardrobes. 

Walls and floors don’t embrace black tone that often. But it is slowly catching pace. Hence, you don’t have to shy away from it. A large bathroom with superior finishes can proudly show off black walls against gold and white accents. For example, think of adding bathroom fixtures with functional hardware in a golden tone. Such a combination can take you by surprise for lending an ethereal touch.

The extension of the color theme

Another critical thing can be the choice of tile in the bathroom that covers its wall and floor. The tile can be some other shade than the wall paint. However, its texture, size, shape, and shade should complement the overall theme. If you paint a wall in teal, tiles can be taupe or white with some patterns. Also, flooring tiles can be larger with dark grouts. Larger tiles can be safer against cracking, and darker grout lines wouldn’t look dirty too soon. 

With tiles, another aspect you would want to consider is the style of installation. For example, almost every bathroom features subway tile. You can opt for them too but laying them in a line instead of trying to offset their shape can be more visually rewarding. This type of work exudes simplicity, creating a sense of spaciousness in the room. Also, you would have to choose the proper place for them. Tubs, shower, and sink areas are the best sites for practical reasons. However, some people leverage this component for its aesthetic appeal too. You can consider covering the floor to up to about three feet of wall space below the ceiling. It keeps your bathroom neat-looking, allowing easy care and maintenance.

The addition of accents

As hinted at already, accentuating the underlying décor theme can be extremely useful. Since brass and gold tones have made a comeback in the interiors, you can effortlessly incorporate them into the bathroom and other corners. In the bathroom, you can produce a golden effect in numerous ways. You can get a golden faucet, a gold-colored mirror, golden hardware, and so on. The bold fixtures as accents can be magical. Some homeowners replace doorknobs, drawer pulls, and faucets frequently to keep their bathrooms fresh-looking. They vary their choices from finishes like nickel to chrome to silver to brass and gold. Anyway, you can stick to a gold and brass finish if you wish your bathroom to have a spa-like vibe. 

To enhance the overall effect a little more, you can add rose gold color through accent pieces. It will have a robust decorative feel. From toothbrush holders to trash cans to wire baskets, you can infuse this color through anything. Figurines and paintings can also provide excellent whimsy touch. Still, you have to consider the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom may not be forgiving in terms of space. In that case, it will be better to add only those things that offer optimum usage in every sense.

The inclusion of intelligent elements

Color and decoration define the level of luxury of space. The use of intelligent and innovative elements takes the whole impression many notches above. Visualize your shower room and spa, for instance. Don’t worry about the budget. You get affordable options also to make everything more sophisticated. Features like water-saving toilets and shower rooms, heated flooring, and music are some of them. Floor heating systems can be electrical- or water-based. These will remain under the floor.  During winters, such amenities can feel like bliss when you step out of the shower. For cost-cutting, DIY kits are available. So you can opt for them.

Since music tends to be a mood enhancer, you can install waterproof speakers or any device to fulfill your wish without spending much. Take care of the cords. These should not be visible.

Modern homeowners are conscious of the energy efficiency of big-ticket items like toilets, showers, and tubs. The good thing is these fixtures have become quite affordable than before. A low-threshold shower or a curbless shower is a rage. The open concept allows hassle-free maintenance. Plus, it helps save money that otherwise goes into purchasing tile or enclosure. Nevertheless, the drain has to be in the same position as the shower to avoid plumbing costs.

Like this, you can achieve a lot by choosing every bathroom element with care. The upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive. You can prioritize and go on building until it gets the total makeover.