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Mexico Tourist Card Details in 2021

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Due to extended procedures involved for traveling, touring the world or your favorite country remained a huge effort till a decade ago. The requirement of adopting time taking procedure always limited the number of international travelers, however, the evolving online connectivity has reduced this timeline and increased the number of travelers all along with the world. Each country in the world, especially the western or developed world has evolved its visa policies over some time as per its internal dynamics and intricacies. COVID – 19 has been the fundamental policy driver in 2020 and 2021. 

What is a Mexico Tourist Card?

Over a while, Mexico has also evolved its immigration and traveling policies for foreign travelers. The temporary travel or transit document being issued by Mexican immigration authorities is called the “Mexico Tourist Card”. This is not a reciprocal of the regular visa issued to travelers but it allows the tourists or travelers to enter Mexico for a limited time duration. Famously known as FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple) is a document that can be obtained by filling an online form and later getting a printout to be produced in front of the immigration authorities at the entry points. INM (Instituto Nacional de Migracion) is the issuing and controlling authority for this entry document/card. By having this card only, you can not work in Mexico, its validity is only for traveling purposes. It is clearly instructed in the instruction of this form that while traveling on the authority of the Mexico Tourist Card you cannot get or claim salary in any capacity. 

A three-step procedure is required to be adopted by you to get the FMM or the Tourist Card. In the first step, you are required to open or Mexican Immigration site and fill a form providing your personal data and some other declarations. When you have filled the form and agreed to terms and conditions (suggested to be read in detail), you need to make payment for the processing of the case with your credit or debit card at your convenience. The moment your payment is accepted, your Tourist Card gets under consideration for approval and you receive an email. All you need is to get this email (a pdf format) printed and keep it in your documents. Do not lose the printed copy of the PDF document because it will lead to unnecessary delay at the entry point. To avoid any such circumstances, you must keep a copy of the document on your mobile or tablet. However, despite these remedial measures if you lose your printed copies and have no proof of the Card, you can provide your passport and other data to recover the Card, else try to reach your email address to retrieve the document. 

Your Tourist Card will be printed and will constitute 2 parts, the Entry and Exit form. When you land in Mexico, you will proceed to the immigration counter where you will provide the officer with both the forms (printed pdf documents). Your entry form will be kept by the officer in the chair and your exit form will be stamped and returned. This form will remain with you throughout your stay in Mexico and will be submitted at the time of exit. You may be asked to submit some amount as departure tax as well.

Intricacies of Mexico Tourist Card

Tourists/vacationists from all the countries of the world require this document for a short trip planned to Mexico. INM offices at the Mexican border and entry points (including airports) also hold the authority to provide this entry card to all those who fail to process and get it through an online application. In both cases, the printed card will be stamped by INM authorities at the time of arrival at any border control point. Visitors will only be asked to provide a valid passport and a minimal amount as a cost of documents. U.S. $30 only will be paid for each person traveling, however, there will be no fee charged in case you intend to travel for 7 days or less.  

In case of entry by land, the traveler must have a passport with an unexpired visa as well. There, he/she will be required to fill the actual data as per the passport in an online form to obtain a printable card/authority. The applicant will bring the document to the INM facility established at the land border for verification and stamp. In case you intend to travel to Mexico by air, almost the same procedure adopted for land entry is to be followed. However, the only difference is that the Mexico Travel Card will be submitted at the International Passengers Transit facility at the airport. In both cases, all travelers are advised to understand that the possession of this electronically obtained Mexico Tourist Card is not the guarantee of his / her unhindered entry into Mexico. All the traveling formalities do apply to each of the traveling members intending to make an entry into Mexico. A Tourist Visa would allow you to bring vehicles with foreign license plates to Mexico if traveling by road.

COVID – 19 is the most talked-about issue these days. Since the spread of this pandemic, rules, and laws of traveling has become difficult due to which there has been a decline in tourism since March 2020. No country allows you to enter her premises without valid COVID – 19 negative results through PCR tests. Mexico Tourist Card is no alternative to your medical documents which are required as per international and Mexican laws. All visitors (irrespective of the country) are required to fill an online health declaration form while applying for Mexico Tourist Card or visa. Travelers are suggested to get necessary guidance from their travel agents and online assistance on the medical procedures and requirements to enter Mexico