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Mini Wipebook Scan: Coolest Gadget for Gifting

Personally, I scribble and doodle a lot each day, especially brainstorming ideas. I always feel that I need to write down my thoughts and ideas in a notebook, but I absolutely hate wasting paper every day! The handy Wipebook Mini Scan is the perfect solution to this problem! My expectations were met the day I got this useful reusable notebook. 

The Mini Scan notebook pages are made of a whiteboard-type surface, and when written on with the Staedtler correctable marker, it shows clearly and when erasing there are no traces left behind! If you are looking to doodle something less permanent, the Expo markers are perfect for erasing your writing easily.

I have been using this handy-dandy tool for many years and have never been disappointed with this erasable Wipebook notebook. Writing on the pages is satisfying and erasing and re-writing is perfect when working and brainstorming ideas.

The first pages of the notebook are used to write my to-do lists, and the following pages are used to brainstorm and scribble quick notes. The thing that surprised me the most is that when I close the Wipebook Mini Scan, the writing on the pages doesn’t disappear.

Environmentally Friendly:

The Mini Wipebook Scan is the most comprehensive and helpful problem-solving notebook. This useful product is the perfect solution to reduce paper waste, which will also reduce our negative impact on the overall environment.

When using this handy tool, it will help save some money on office supplies, and save energy and trees! The notebook is also made of recyclable materials! Say goodbye to wasting paper and hello to the greatest problem-solving, eco-friendly notebook.

Key Features:

The official Wipebook website was 100% correct when they mentioned it is “the perfect tool for thinkers, doers and problem solvers”. With the beautiful charcoal notebook covers, the dry-erase Wipebook also includes 20 erasable surfaces, 10 of which are graphed and the other 10 are ruled. This environmentally friendly tool is even more useful with the handy penholder on the right side of the mini dry-erase board and compatibility with the FREE Wipebook Scan App.

The whiteboard notebook has many pages, is lightweight, durable, heavy-duty, and extremely fun to use. You can write and sketch. With the Staedtler correctable marker, it will dry quickly. When you are done doodling, do not forget to scan with the free app, wipe and fold for easy storage.

If you are having any issues with solving problems or need a surface area to brainstorm ideas, scribble or doodle, this product is perfect for you, because there are so many erasable pages in the Mini Scan notebook. There are lots of surface areas where you can write down your ideas. Doodlers and people who like to write down thoughts will love using this amazing erasable tool. 

Using the UV-protected hyper gloss dry-erase pages, you can easily wipe away your handwriting. For erasing big mistakes on the notebook, Wipebook recommends we use a microfiber piece of cloth dampened with a few drops of water. For small mistakes, you can use the back of Staedtler’s correctable pen to erase them. When purchasing the product, the Staedtler correctable marker comes with the erasable notebook which is amazing!

Save your Notes with the App:

This great gadget allows you to doodle on the erasable notebook pages, scan, and upload to your favourite cloud service, including google drive, Evernote, Dropbox and OneDrive with the FREE Wipebook Scan app. Scan your notes for free, and keep them saved in your electronic devices forever!

Gift your friends:

Those who like writing their thoughts and often like problem-solving, such as engineers, and teachers, will always use this helpful dry-erase tool, which is why it would be the perfect gift for them! The useful whiteboard notebook would also make a perfect gift idea for back-to-school, birthdays and graduations.

The A5 size of the erasable whiteboard mini notebook, allows you to carry it around with you everywhere, whether it is inside your purse, backpack, laptop case or other! 

It is the best time to gift your loved ones with the best erasable notebook because children are returning to school very soon, in August and September.

If you’re not sure what to gift your loved ones for their birthday, your problem is officially resolved! I always used to struggle with finding the perfect gift for my family and friends, but with Wipebook’s useful selection of eco-friendly products to choose from on their handy website, I do not have this issue anymore; figuring out what to gift to my friends and family.

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