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Can Your Content Catalog Compete with Netflix? Important Considerations when Developing the Next Streaming App 

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It might take time to compete with Netflix, but with the right content and the right know-how for developing a streaming app, there is no reason why your app cannot be successful.

Here are just a few important considerations you will need to think about before you begin the development process.


Streaming Quality

There are many things you need to consider before developing a streaming app. So, you will need to research video streaming app development in detail in order to find out things like what you need to build and launch your app and how you can develop a content distribution strategy to maximize your ROI and use other methods to make your streaming platform profitable.

There are only so many things we can cover in this post. But the following information will help you get started. First off, one of the most important considerations when developing a streaming app is the streaming quality.

Various factors can hinder the performance of video streaming, such as latency and congestion in the network. And you will need a CDN that is able to support not just streaming but also things like sluggish cloud servers and outages.

If you do not pay attention to your streaming quality, your users will soon become frustrated and you could suffer both reputational and financial losses. Therefore, ensure you have content distributors mechanisms in place that will assure smooth and high-quality streaming.


If you want to attain the same kind of success that Netflix has seen, from day one, you will need to consider how you will scale your business.

Furthermore, once you identify things like marketing strategies to help you grow your user database, that growth can cause problems that you need to be aware of. For instance, your streaming app will need to have scalable backend support to handle the increasing number of viewers.


Do not overlook the importance of security. If your streaming app offers a payment or subscription service, it is imperative that your customers’ details are kept safe and that you abide by laws concerning collecting sensitive information.

So, ensure you use encryption algorithms to protect users’ data from misuse and security breaches. 


Building a streaming app in which there are no problems like lags can be challenging, but you must ensure you get such elements right in order for users to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Lag time must be reduced, but that is not all. You must put a thriving ecosystem of technologies in place in order to facilitate algorithms and data analytics. Also, data streams will require storage, fault-tolerant processing, and geographical distribution.

Therefore, processing frameworks will have to rely on queuing systems, such as Apache Kafka. Furthermore, you can integrate processing frameworks like Storm, Spark, and Samza with your streaming platform in order to feed the data-processing pipeline and process batch data.

If you want to compete with Netflix, you may be interested to know that Netflix uses Kafka as both an event-processing pipeline and a tool for real-time monitoring. And it utilizes the microservice architecture, which is based on micro-batch processing.


Knowing which features to include in your streaming app is something you need to carefully consider. You should make sure you have basic viewing experience features like the ability to create playlists, mark favorites, perform searches, view content offline, and use the app on different devices.

But you may consider other more elaborative features to enhance the user experience and set yourself apart from the likes of Netflix.