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Most Popular Sports Among Students Around the World

Sports Exemplifies a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

In recent times, people all over the world actively popularize a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding bad habits and going in for physical exercises became essential features of young, modern and straightforward people in many countries.

So, no wonder sports activities become more and more popular ways to spend time among students and young people in general. In the USA, the UK and other states, the popularity, demand, and reputation of students in and off campus can be frequently determined by their sports achievements. In other words, a sport is useful, respected and cool!

In every country, there are local sports traditions. And today, they influence the popularity of specific sport much depending on a region. In this article, authors of the professional review writing service will mention most popular games by country and new tendencies among students.

Most Popular Sports in America: Life with a Ball

In the USA, people have always been respecting the sport. Throughout history, team games with a ball became the most popular here. Nowadays, the top 3 sports for young people are: American football, baseball, and basketball. American students have been promoting and developing these kinds of competition since the 19th century. Later, their favorite games got official names and rules.

Thanks to students from Yale, Columbia, Princeton and Rutgers Universities, at the end of the 19th century active ball games became famous and loved by all Americans. And nowadays, students from various high schools, colleges and universities of the USA proudly represent the American sports tradition by joining into clubs and holding many competitions on regional, state and international levels.

Also, there are winter sports popular among US students in some states, and girls frequently choose volleyball and tennis. In America, sport and the sportive image are popularized like nowhere else, so physical shape and sports achievements have much impact on the student’s reputation and social status.

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Most Popular Sports in the UK: Conservatism

Just like in the USA, in the UK stable sports traditions exist featured by their true conservatism. Soccer and cricket are historically most popular among British students. In privileged schools, they play golf, polo and tennis just like they did 100 years ago. England is known as the country of contrasts where new tendencies actively develop near traditional values. So, peaceful golf players can see skateboarders and freerun lovers nearby.

Most Popular Sports World: Australia

Sunny Australia is famous as a place where many world sports tournaments take place. For Australians, and especially for local students, going in for sport is probably the favorite free time activity. The Australian climate and healthy lifestyle propaganda make more and more young people start being active and shaped.

Australia is a heaven for water sports lovers, so many students go in for surfing, swimming, diving, water polo, etc. Additionally, tennis, beach volleyball and golf are developed and popular here, and active rest admirers regularly go hiking to exotic and beautiful places of the continent.

Most Popular Sports Worldwide: Winter Activities

If you like a winter sport, studying in countries like Sweden, the Czech Republic and Canada is for you. Local students like hockey, snowboarding, skating, etc. Famous sports personalities are real stars here, and the sports themselves are among national symbols.

Most Popular Sports in China: Asian Persistence

In recent years, Asian countries made a significant step forward in sports development. We bet everyone remembers athletes from Japan, China and Vietnam getting numerous medals during the Olympic Games in various disciplines. Among Asian students, table tennis and badminton are very popular and best game tables are used in their regards. Many of them go in for gymnastics and light athletics as amateurs.

In a warm Malaysia, among local and foreign young people, healthy lifestyle gains its popularity year after year, too. Here, badminton is a leader. Additionally, youth admires basketball, soccer, grass hockey and marathon running.

To Conclude

These were the most popular sports by country among students. It has no matter what sport you go in for. What matters is the fact that you want that and do that. Being active and healthy can help you much in academic success and your life in general. A strong mind is in a strong body. Never forget about that.