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Myth Vs Reality – Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is one of the largest-played fantasy sports in the world with millions of people actively involved in the game at any given moment. With football being the most supported game in the world, it is natural that fantasy football has so many followers who loyally play it worldwide. It has given thrill to a lot many people as they test their ultimate knowledge of the game and the way how situations change in every game week. In recent years, players have had the option to download fantasy football app which they prefer to play.

Over the years, there have been a few variations to fantasy football but the passion and vigour with which it has been played have remained until now. There have actually been several myths that have cropped up in the years that fantasy football has been played. Here are some of the Myths associated with fantasy football.

1. You need to be a football fan if you want to win big in fantasy football

The myth that only a football fan can win big in fantasy football is just that, a myth. Making spreadsheets which include stats based on the knowledge of the game does not guarantee that you will end up with the most points from a game. You get better with time and the more games you play.

2. Keeping a single plan will give the maximum of points

Nowhere it is written that you can get the maximum points if you follow a single plan throughout a season. As days turn into weeks, there is a lot of wear and tear that goes on with the team as well as their players. Injuries, suspensions and form have a tendency to grip a player at any given moment. These things tend to injure the chances of gaining a lot of points for people going with just a single plan.

3. Going behind big names will guarantee most points

Many people believe that having big names on your team guarantees the most amount of points. For that same reason, users tend to spend the most amount of points on these players and end up with sub-par players when their budget becomes thin. Going with big names is always a risk because they can be a hit and a miss and that may dearly cost you a lot of points.

4. If you look great in pre-season then you will have a good season

Many people often make the mistake of getting a player into their team based on their performance in the pre-season. There is a very good chance that the player performing well beforehand, could face a terrible loss of form come to the start of the season. There is a risk factor involved with it and you wouldn’t want to risk it based on a pre-season.

Many people often struggle while making their fantasy team. Here are some pointers which will help in making a team.

1. Goalkeepers

A goalkeeper’s main job is to save their team from conceding goals. They try to stop all the shots that come their way and prevent that from entering the goal. The more saves they make, the better score you have.

2. Defenders

You should always go for the fullbacks or wingbacks due to their crossing abilities which finally result in assists and the tendency for forward runs. But on the other hand, some centre backs are good goalscorers on deal ball set pieces. You have to decide the players according to their point-giving ability, not just their clean sheets.

3. Midfielders

A mid guy’s main job is to assist both the forward and the defensive line of the team whenever the team needs them to. They also have a higher goal-scoring potential than most defenders and therefore you should look to pick some of the team’s penalty, free kick or corner takers if they are in the midfielders category.

4. Forward

The forward you choose in your team should be someone you absolutely believe is a goalscorer for his team or good at assisting his teammates. He is the go-to man for most of the goal-scoring chance creations and they have a decent amount of passing present too. Forwards are less likely to get yellow or red cards and generally have the tendency to foul lesser than their other team members.