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Why Learning Python Is A Good Idea In 2022

The technology industry is soaring, and that’s why more students are drawn to the idea of a lucrative career path and the dream of developing fully functional software or websites. As things stand, Python is one of the most popular coding languages and also one of the most beloved as it’s simple to learn and use coding python

If you have just mastered HTML and CSS, are looking for the next big step, and want to expand your coding skills, Python might be the best option for you. Read below as we go over why you should focus on learning Python.

Python Is Beginner Friendly

Python is the perfect starting point for coders that have just mastered HTML and CSS. Prospective coders face the greatest challenge of learning a language that is different from what they are used to writing and reading. To make this process simpler, Python uses English syntax, which is compact and easy for everyone to follow. This makes it more accessible than other languages available right now.

However, as opposed to other languages, Python is an interpreted programming language. This means that you can execute every line of code immediately after you have written it. Expanding on this, making changes, and fixing bugs is simplified and much quicker. This is a great benefit for anyone learning Python as you have instant insight and with that, the learning process is significantly accelerated. Although every start is hard, you can always seek the help of highly qualified computer science tutors online to help you master Python at your own pace.

Python Is Very Versatile

Python is very adaptable. It can be used for simple or difficult tasks and is used in many fields including data science, software engineering, and mobile app development. There are over 125,000 Python libraries, which explains this tremendous versatility. Libraries are pre-written codes in a particular language that anyone can access. 

That being said, as soon as you master Python, you will be able to understand and use a lot of code created by other programmers.

Another important aspect of Python’s versatility is its ability to work alongside other programming languages – Jython, which is Python combined with Java, and CPython which is  Python integrated into C. These are just two examples of Python implementations with other languages, and on top of that, Python is cross-platform capable which means you can use it on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

What can you do with Python?

Data Science

A poll found that Python is one of the most commonly used languages by developers. Python’s popularity is well-deserved due to its time-saving features and ability to quickly analyze large data sets and perform repetitive operations.

Web Development

Python’s flexibility makes it also easy to create complex web tools. Python’s web frameworks such as Django make it easier for developers to develop both front-end and back-end functionality. Large corporations also use Python for web development. YouTube and Google both heavily use it to build their digital infrastructures.

App Development

Python is an excellent option for those that want to develop apps. In addition to that, it is a great language for prototyping because of its quick development time and effectiveness. For that reason, Python has gained popularity in the rapidly growing industries of gaming app development and blockchain app development due to strong frameworks, real-time testing, and other features Python possesses.


When it comes to cybersecurity fierceness, Python is living up to its name. Powerful third-party libraries such as Nmap and Yara, Requests, etc. are available to Python. It has many languages to choose from and can respond to security threats quicker than any other language. It can perform a penetration test of web applications and detect system vulnerabilities, which is essential for IT security professionals. It can also be used to create an impenetrable app using a strong typing script, rapid prototyping, iteration, and digital forensic capabilities. This will help you avoid hackers’ exploitation and protect your software.

Python Developers Are Extremely Well Paid

If you are looking to pursue and fulfill your developer dreams while also making serious bucks, Python is the right choice for you. With the average base salary of a Python developer being $95,203, it’s no wonder students want to get out of the classroom and start building Python-based projects. 

Final Thoughts

As things stand, Python is one of the best coding languages you can learn and will open a plethora of career options. Read our article and see whether Python can lure you in with the promise of a lucrative career path and interesting job opportunities.