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Myths Surrounding 5G Debunked

5G is well on its way and is here in some major cities right now. With next generation technology usually comes off the wall over exaggerations and myths by conspiracy theorists. Giving any attention to these myths just perpetuates them and gives validity to conspiracy theorists and paranoid people. 5G has its fair share of myths that we’re going to debunk right now.

5G Is Going To Replace 4G

No one generation of mobile internet has ever covered every corner of the country.  Internet and wireless companies build their 5G networks on top of existing 4G networks. In fact most people don’t realize that providers still support 3G even because it covers areas 4G and 5G have not arrived in.

5G Spreads The Coronavirus

Some conspiracy theorists believe that somehow 5G radio waves created the coronavirus and is currently transmitting it nationwide. Others believe that 5G has weakened all of our immune systems to make us more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. There is absolutely no evidence to support any of this. The myth cropped up from awkward timing of 5G just becoming available to consumers and the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.

5G Causes Cancer

The current target of conspiracy theorists and the paranoid is that 5G is emitted radiation and causing residents close to 5G towers to get cancer. This is simply not true. Scientists and health professionals have proved that there are no significant health risks from the low level electromagnetic fields that 5G transmits.

5G Causes Infertility

Some also believe that 5G along with the cellphones, laptops and other electronics we use every day are regularly exposing us to EMF radiation. They say that this radiation not only has negative health effects, but specifically causes male infertility. This highly sensationalized myth is only speculation and neglects to recognize the true reasons behind male infertility. Many of the studies that conspiracy theorists rattle off studies that are flawed, biased and even go as far as stating the effects of 5G are widely unknown.

5G Is Being Weaponized

This one is pretty far fetched. Some believe as far as 5G will enable the government to shoot people with lasers. This along with other 5G myths came from an exaggerated truth that the United States government does have crowd dispersal guns that use 5G technology. Research showed that the beams emitted from these guns feel intense like fire but the sensation quickly dissipates when you move away from the beam. There are no long lasting side effects to date. The goal of this is only crowd control to get those in the crowd to disperse from the targeted area. However, this is not accessible to the public or anyone outside of a select few from the US Army. Our 5G towers do not have the ability to be weaponized in any kind of way. They simply cannot produce nearly enough power or frequency required to do that.

5G Will Solve The Digital Divide

As companies continue to roll out 5G across America, many are excited to be finally closing the digital divide. However, 5G actually solving the digital divide once and for all is a myth. It has many experts worried that the roll out of 5G will be much of the same scenario and be in predominantly high population areas and only accessible to the wealthy.

5G Is Coming To A Town Near You Very Soon

This isn’t 100% correct. You could be one of the lucky communities to get 5G soon, but if you do not live in a major city or close to one, it’s unlikely. With new tech, it takes a long time to roll out and often those in rural areas are left out. While the conversation around 5G from internet and wireless providers seems promising, experts are still concerned that underserved and unserved communities will continue to be left out from faster internet speeds.