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NASCAR Slot Machine

While most sports fans are into soccer, basketball, or hockey, some Americans and residents of other countries are interested in Nascar racing. It is a racing competition between professional drivers who compete in speed and driving skills in circular indoor stadiums.

Often, these races feature major thrilling accidents that further fuel the interest of ordinary spectators.

The history of racing began in 1947 when Bill France Senior, as an automobile mechanic, began building production cars and arranging competitions on them. A year later, under his leadership, the National Association of Stock Car Racing was created, allowing drivers to earn entry and organizers to earn guaranteed profits from tickets sold and the event held.

One of NASCAR’s most famous drivers is Bill Elliott, who raced in the 1980s. He became so popular that Sports Illustrated magazine chose him for the cover of the next issue. Moreover, Bill became the best driver in motorsports 16 times, and so far, no one has been able to repeat or surpass this achievement.

A large manufacturer of gambling for online casinos, Bally Technologies has released a themed slot machine called NASCAR. His users can enjoy betting on the usual video slot, the theme of which is confined to lovers of racing.

The video slot was created after all the canons of NASCAR. Instead of characters, players will be able to see the most popular cars and famous drivers, famous for their many victories.

In addition to the classic spinning reels, the machine also has additional features: Burnout free spins, U-Race bonus, and Pit Stop bonus. Using these bonuses will help players increase their chances of winning and have more fun at the game.

Those most immersed in NASCAR themes will find familiar drivers in the machine in the form of Clint Boyer, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmy Johnson, and Kevin Harvick.

In many popular online casinos for Canadian dollars, which are collected in the rating, you can try this slot for real money and free. This is possible thanks to demos and no deposit bonuses.

Of course, given the year of the video slot (2013), you should not expect from it modern graphics or unique bonus features. However, with its main task – to amuse players and give them a fair chance to win – it copes 100%. Get acquainted and with this entertaining slot machine, even if motorsport does not attract you.