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What to Play in October 2022

In the summer of 2022, all game lovers are noticeably bored. There were no big releases for a long time, so players had to settle for other entertainment. For example, details of statistics from a popular gambling website show that interest in online casinos increased markedly in the summer. 

Finally, autumn has arrived. Sure, September 2022 may be somewhat lacking in AAA releases compared to the coming fall and winter months. But we have a lot of choices: a remake of The Last of Us for PS5, two Souls-like projects that are completely different from each other, and a “metal” shooter Metal: Hellsinger, where we have to kill our enemies to the beat of the music. In general, there is a lot to choose from.

A remake of the first part of The Last of Us, which first came out on PlayStation 3, a year later as a remaster came to PlayStation 4, and now comes to PlayStation 5 with a number of graphical improvements. Critics mostly praise the remake, noting the good work on visual improvements, but also note a lack of gameplay improvements. According to some reviewers, TLOU: Part 1, gameplay-wise, has not gone far from the original PS3 version, which does not affect the gaming experience in the best way.

The authors have not touched on the plot: it is still about a girl named Ellie and a man named Joel, who travel across the United States, almost destroyed after the global pandemic. The Left Behind DLC is also included in Part 1, but on the contrary, the multiplayer mode was cut from the game. Also, after a while, the game will be released on PC, but still, there is no exact release date.

Souls-like action from the authors of Greedfall, the events of which are set in an alternate reality, where the Great French Revolution collided with the army of monstrous war machines of King Louis XVI. The focus is on a combat automaton named Aegis, who tries to protect Queen Marie Antoinette while fighting Louis’ fighting machines. The game intertwines real and fictional events: for example, all the key NPCs in the game are real historical figures that Aegis will have to meet.

As for the gameplay, Steelrising is a typical Souls-like game: there are revival points (bonfires), there is a combat system with dodges, and the enemies are revived after the heroine’s death… well, Spiders studio followed the well-trodden path here. Perhaps the fundamental difference between the game and many other representatives of the genre is the complete absence of the open world (in Steelrising, it is divided into several large locations) and the ability to activate a special “help mode”, in which battles become much easier.

A sequel to Nintendo’s shooters that offers familiar gameplay. Choosing an Inkling or Octoling, players are sent to fight with each other. In the third part, the authors have added a lot of new weapons, among which there is a bow, new opportunities for customization, as well as a variety of techniques that allow the hero to dodge the attacks of enemies. In addition, new multiplayer and cooperative modes and maps are waiting for the players.

Just like the first two parts of the series, Splatoon 3 will have not only multiplayer mode but also a single-player campaign. It will be called “Return of the Milk Duds,” and in it, players will have to take on the role of Agent 003, “the fighter against the invasion of the Octomorians. Players will have to solve the mystery of Alterna and find out where the substance appeared underwater, which, when in contact with underwater inhabitants, makes them cover themselves with hair.