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Nat Geo Announces Documentary ‘Blood on the Wall’

Documentary to Debut on Wednesday, September 30th

National Geographic has greenlit documentary “Blood on the Wall from Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested, which explores the internal and external influences on Mexico as it deals with the key issues of migrant caravans from Central America heading to the U.S., the dangerous but resilient traffickers fueling the cross-border drug trade and how corruption has impacted politics at every level. The logline: Featuring unprecedented first-person accounts from migrants on the road, farmers, narcos, security enforcers, journalists, presidents and diplomats, “Blood on the Wall” tells the story of how traffickers, corrupt politicians and well-positioned business interests have seized wealth and power, leaving everyday citizens desperately fighting for survival or needing to flee elsewhere for a better life.

“Blood on the Wall” is National Geographic’s second collaboration with filmmakers and producing partners Junger and Quested following the 2017 duPont-winning feature documentary “Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of Isis.