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NBC Cancels ‘Aquarius’ After Two Seasons

Cancellation Frees David Duchovny Up for New Potential Installments of 'The X-Factor' on Fox

NBC has opted against a third season of David Duchovny crime solver “Aquarius.” Debuting on May 28, 2015, “Aquarius” began in 1967 and featured Duchovny as a Los Angeles police officer on the trail of Charles Manson. The first season was released via streaming video in its entirety following its premiere. NBC put all 12 episodes online for four weeks after its series debut, but it failed to help generate any buzz.

NBC also gave “Aquarius” an ad-free two-hour debut on Thursday, June 16, but only 2.84 million viewers tuned in and the crime drama was eventually moved to Saturday to burn off the remainder of its episodes.

The cancellation of “Aquarius” free ups Duchovny for new installments of “The X-Files if Fox chooses to continue the revival.