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NBC in Talks to Revive ‘Will & Grace’

The Proposed Plan is for a 10-Episode Ninth Season

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No deals have been signed at press time. But NBC is in early talks to revive 1998 to 2006 sitcom “Will & Grace” for a 10-episode ninth season. Talks of the reboot have heated up since the election-themed video reunion the four cast members – Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes — did last month to encourage viewers to vote went viral. . In the video, the cast reprised their roles and discussed presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump after Karen (Mullally) and Jack (Hayes) revealed they were aligning with the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host. The 10-minute #VoteHoney video, directed by James Burrows, was released on September 26 and has more than 6 million views to-date.

Created by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, “Will & Grace” was the recipient of 16 Primetime Emmy awards over the course of its run, and is only one of three sitcoms historically will all the principal actors won the coveted statuette. The other two are “All in the Family” and “The Golden Girls.”


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  1. Great idea… It would be interesting to see where they are in this era of marriage equality – as long as they avoid the stunt casting that the series resorted to in the later series.

    It will also be interesting to see how a re-launched series would take into effect the series finale that showed Will & Grace having a falling out.

  2. After talking to a few people online about why NBC has struggled in the comedy department ever since Friends, Frasier, and Will & Grace all left the air and the biggest strategy that we came up for NBC was to reestablish their past brand comedies like Netflix just successfully did with Fuller house this past year. Obviously Friends would be hard to reboot with all of the actors busy with other projects at the moment including Matt LeBlanc who just started on his own new comedy on CBS this past week.

    I think Will & Grace will be a great idea and is needed for the network. This isn’t one of those typical they shouldn’t reboot stuff just because it’s not original well NBC has gone original for the past 10+ years and it hasn’t worked for them they haven’t found a single comedy that has done anywhere close to what those comedies did although they had The Office which worked the best for them but that wasn’t a major hit more of a demo player.

    Obviously Will & Grace isn’t getting the ratings it used to back in the day when it surrounded around high-rated comedies and this being a different television age but Will & Grace’s brand name should bring some old NBC comedy viewers back to the network and maybe get an actual comedy block going for NBC. I think NBC will need to reboot another one to go with Will & Grace. Not sure what comedy could be rebooted within the next year.

    I think NBC missed a big opportunity when Fuller House was on the market and they’re paying for it now but here’s another can’t miss opportunity. I want to see a once great comedy network get great again and this would be a start.

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