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Netflix to Stream Original Chinese Language Series ‘Bardo’

Drama Described as a Jailbreak Thriller

Netflix has announced the first Chinese language Netflix original series from Taiwan: “Bardo.” The eight-episode series from production company IFA Media and writer/director Sam Quah is described as a jailbreak thriller with a karmic dimension, and it will be available to all Netflix members around the world at the same time.

The logline: Bardo follows the journey of Ah Quan, a good man who has descended into crime and now waits in prison for execution. An encounter with a mysterious inmate causes him to experience events from alternative timelines. Learning that his son is in danger, Ah Quan escapes to protect his family only to discover he is a pawn in a much larger game. Blending Taiwanese aboriginal mysticism and karmic destiny, Bardo – which describes state of existence between life and death – is Ah Quan’s search for redemption.

No officially start date has been announced for “Bardo.”