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New Free Slots Generation: Technologies Trends for 2021

The gaming industry has undergone massive transformations in the current era of online casinos. Nowadays, the focus is on tapping into newer technologies and making the user experience more enjoyable. While many modernizations describe these transformations, gamification features, artificial intelligence algorithms, and Big Data approaches, some of the innovations will significantly shape the future of gaming.

A good number of the newest free slots like the Finn’s Golden Tavern Slot by NetEnt, Dragon & Phoenix by Betsoft, Tiki Mania by Microgaming reflect some of these trends as they are designed to appeal to modern gamers. Besides, the classic three-reel video slots have equally been modified with these developments. There are real money casino free spins available in both free demos for fun and real money rounds that you can enjoy as you play online. These bonus slots with no download requirements across casino platforms have their user experience optimized across mobile platforms. The real money slots come with an extra thrill as players stand a chance of winning big in lucky spinning rounds.

How Safety Data System is Created

As technologies continue to determine the gaming market’s future, data systems strongly feature across developers’ designs. By using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data for Safety, Chip security, and RFID technology, and Facial recognition, designers are redefining the gaming of perception as follows.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI technologies include machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing allows cybersecurity analysts to address cyber threats with a higher degree of confidence and speed. AI has become a major trend in enhancing online casino security as emerging technologies continue to expose casinos to new threats. Artificial Intelligence, combined with basic cybersecurity dictates, enables casinos and game developers to insulate vulnerable networks from the possible cyber-attacks. AI collects insights and uses augmented reasoning to spot the relationships between threats, malicious files, and suspicious IP addresses. Systematic analysis of these occurrences occurs within seconds or minutes, allowing gaming security analysts to respond to the posed threats in real-time. This is how AI enhances the elimination of tedious research tasks by providing a curated breakdown of risks that may face players of a given game or clients of specific gaming sites.

2. Big Data for Security. Regarded as one of the biggest assets in the information age, Big Data in gaming ought to be protected using professional tools. The building of Big Data pools is also essential in determining the tastes and preferences of your clients. Developers of new slots usually channel out software mimics to assess the market’s reaction to their new game. Big Data also involves poking noses into what your competitors are doing from the likes, responses, reviews, and customer interaction experiences. By using the right tools and methodologies, Big Data banks can be built and secured through AI.

3. Chip Security – Although relatively old, the idea of chip technology has enhanced security across industries. Through signal emitting tools, online casinos nowadays have the potential to alert you when your casino has been logged into without your authorization. In live games or land-based casinos, AI can identify and eliminate instances of cheating emanating from chip manipulations.

4. RFID and Facial Recognition. Through the use of AI, this approach to online cybersecurity has been quite effective. Some casino apps have a sense of memory that can scan through your face to access the games you like. Apart from facial recognition approaches, newer slots across casinos use your fingerprints as the sole login credentials.

What’s a Behavior Data Modelling

In the current digital gaming era, online casinos and their operators increasingly use Big Data. Experts are using uniquely tailored technological tools to process data into meaningful information with an expanding world data volume. Through data use, behavior modeling is achievable through various methods and approaches that produce both structured and unstructured patterns. In gambling, Big Data is applied in specific focus areas that consider the intensity of interactions from randomized sources. For instance, it could gather information on data that is necessary to guarantee success in the gambling market. Information on the company’s competitors, recent updates from gambling authorities, newly rolled out software, players’ and visitors’ details is pooled together through Big Data tools. This will enable the operator to study different analytical reports and the eventual storage and transfer of the stored data for future references and analysis. Useful data analysis in gambling helps experts to determine the interests and features of prospective clients. It equally allows the operator to offer gaming products that reflect the demands and interests of gamers. This is likely to increase customer traffic to their sites. Among the things that can be shaped by data, policies include the structuring of bonus policies that attract and retain customers, advanced products and services, friendly interfaces, and more straightforward navigation of virtual gambling resources.

Developers of the newest slots have been able to use Big Data approaches to reach target audiences. For example, Wazdan Gaming has released Telly Reels, a new slot machine with a relatively unique yet stimulating user interface. Easy to navigate, the game has both cutting edge features and a small screen interface that prompts players to tune as they search for winning combos easily.

Gaming Software Plays With the Future of New Free Slots

Gaming Software companies have been at the forefront of introducing leading-edge technologies. This is a significant competitive edge that every company strives to sharpen, given the intense competition for clients.

● New slots from the likes of iSoft, Microgaming, IGT or Aristocrat, are nowadays releasing new titles with mobile-optimized features. With mobile gaming technology having the potential to transform the user experience, games are now playable across mobile browser players without downloading. This is possible through the incorporation of HTML5 specifications that allow instant flash accessibility. In addition to mobile device accessibility, gaming on wearable devices like smartwatches also increases popularity across game designers.

● Live dealers in casino games are becoming another big trend among designers. Live dealer technology offers you the chance to relish realistic experiences. Across new versions of Blackjack or Roulette, there are interactive sessions with live dealers who keep you company as you rightfully make your moves or place betting chips.

● Casino game developers are also looking into the future by the adoption of blockchain technology. Suppose you play the likes of North Storm from Rabcat, Tiki Mania from Microgaming, Cascading Cave by Playtech, and 88 Fortunes Megaways by NextGen Gaming. In that case, you are likely to make transactions via blockchain technology. Regarding the best and secure payment method, you can use ETH, Bitcoin, or LTC to deposit and withdraw money from across casinos that accept them. This trend has considerably percolated in the USA, UK, and Canada, and some Australian casinos.

● Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Developers are nowadays creating games that are compatible with virtual reality or augmented reality tools and headsets. Designed to make gaming livelier, AR/VR uses realistic-alluding images, graphics, and animations that mimic real-world experiences.

● Upgraded Gaming Software. Developers like Aristocrat, IGT, Playtech, and NetEnt have invested vast resources towards researching the best and most stimulating gaming Software. Laden with modern gaming graphics and superior gamification (Skill-based ladders), the likes of Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine (Yggdrasil), and Kingdom’s Rise: Forbidden Forest (Playtech) is served with different aesthetics that keep you coming back for more. They have an enhanced and friendly interface that tickles your gaming moods as you spin.

Why This is The Time of Live Dealers

With live dealers taking the gaming industry by storm, a line has been drawn between RNG-oriented games and Live Dealer games. RNG games are the most typical types of games across casinos. There is no human element as you play as everything is computer generated. When playing in well-established casinos, the feeling is fantastic as there is no possibility of human manipulation to alter the outcome.

Live dealer games take your gaming experience a notch higher. They bring you closer to the real Las Vegas environment. There is an element of reality as you engage the live dealer and a host of other players who place their stakes. The interface is designed to blend with the happenings of the casino floor seamlessly.

As the preference for live dealer games rises, designers like Evolution have fine-tuned their products to this reality. The designer is lining up six new Black Azure tables for launching in September. An addition of 2 high-stakes tables is further expected to be found by November on top of the modern Azure Roulette Table. The latter is a feature-rich game and a quality gaming experience that gives you the option of 4 racetracks with adjacent bet selections, special bets, interactive statistics, and final full complete.

Mobile App Gaming – And What Comes Next

The introduction of mobile gaming apps has enhanced the idea of gaming while on the go. The innovation is compelling designers to roll out new games with versatile mobile features, including app-accessibility or flash instant players.

The increase in the number of downloadable apps in Google’s Play Store and the iOS app store points to the likely growth of mobile app gaming. From 2008, when the iOS play store was launched, there were more than 1.85 million apps for users, with gaming apps constituting a significant percentage. Google Play Store has over 2.2 downloadable apps with gaming apps, especially augmented reality apps taking gaming experience quality a bar higher.

In the year 2020, when the Coronavirus led to lockdowns’ imposition, mobile gaming apps played a key role as players stayed indoors while playing their favorite casino games. With stats pointing that by the end of 2020, there will be at least 3.5 billion smartphones globally, mobile gaming is significantly influencing the rollout of new games.

Mobile gaming apps are not limited to smartphones. Nowadays, wearable devices like smartwatches are designed to allow gaming apps compatibility. To further enhance anonymity while gaming, online casino operators are leveraging the use of Telegram apps. This app can be used across smart devices and online casinos.

Why Blockchain Technology Finally Works

Among the factors that real money players consider when registering a casino account is the safety guarantee. Blockchain technology has come to allay fears of privacy infringement when processing your deposits or withdrawals. This invention allows us to make faceless transactions over a system of distributed ledgers.

There are many options. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, to mention just a few. Though there are technicalities in obtaining the currency through a complex mining process, blockchain technology has enabled faster processing of casino payments. Many operators are now adopting this technologically owing to the effectiveness, convenience, and lesser costs associated with the method. Companies launching new slots like Star Settler by BF Games and North Storm by Rabcat Gaming are enjoyable through Bitcoin payments on casinos like Cameo. In the future, more casinos and developers are likely to create games and platforms that enhance playability through blockchain payments.

Taking VR/ AR Walk-in Casinos

The application of augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in online casino environments are completely changing our gaming experiences. Through Virtual Reality headsets, several casino games are enjoyable by persons who are not comfortable visiting land-based casinos. It allows players to cherish the incredible flavors of modern games. Bordering on experiences that are likened to real life, VR makes gaming more interactive.

Augmented reality has led to incorporating real-life and Virtual reality experiences into players’ doorsteps. As designers anticipate competitive slots in the future, the market is likely to experience an influx of newer slots that have been fully optimized to reflect development in AR and VR technology. Both AR and VR in gaming have also encouraged Social VR gaming as more players are keen to enjoy the live casino scenes while at the comfort of their homes.