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New Network Series Poll

Pick Your Favorite New Show


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    • I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ve really grown to like Life In Pieces. It started out a bit shaky, but I think its finding its way.

      • Other than the youngest brother’s opening storyline (with the weird ex-boyfriend), I have enjoyed this show…it rings true for every family member. It’s the only new show I make a point to keep current with. I also liked Blindspot, Limitless, and The Grinder, but will catch up with them when I have the time.

    • I didn’t really like anything new this year at all. Chicago Med is the only one we stuck with, which was kind of a given since we watch CF and CPD.

    • Gotta be honest. For the first time in YEARS, I don’t have a single new drama or comedy that I’m watching on a weekly basis from the broadcast nets. I recently binged “F is for Family” on Netflix. I recommend that one. Also been enjoying old episodes of shows I never watched like Sons of Anarchy and Scrubs on Netflix. I’m going to give Lucifer a tryout and I will always give a Seth McFarlane show a chance so Bordertown will get a tryout. Other than that, I’m just not that interested. Here’s to new seasons of Better Call Saul, Man Seeking Woman, and The Americans on cable!

  1. I really enjoy Rosewood. It reminds me of Mysteries of Laura. Much better than I expected.

    Dr. Ken is actually pretty good. It was a weird pilot but the episodes after have been pretty funny. Good fit out of LMS. Probably the best retention LMS had had with a companion sitcom since that Reba sitcom that probably shouldn’t have been canceled.

    I liked Scream Queens too. Quantico is pretty good. I watch Code Black too. (Dark but good)

    Most everything I sampled was pretty good. Minority Report was just okay. Nothing special. Very sad Blood and Oil didn’t make it. Was solid prime time soap opera.

    With as much as I watch it is probably good some things get canned LOL

    X-Files, Lucifer and the Frankstein show (what do I know Fox may change the name of it again before it airs LOL) are on my new slate for 2016.

  2. It is sad –and says something about programming talent in the top networks– when “none” is more popular than every single series except one. If I were CEO of one of the networks, and not that this is a scientific poll at all, given that there are only 222 responses, I would still be conducting this kind of research weekly.

      • Unfortunately for my overstuffed TiVo, I have to disagree. I really liked several of the new shows, including Rosewood, Limitless, Quantico, The Grider, Supergirl, and, to some extent, Heroes Reborn. (Although, at least a couple of those shows significantly improved as they went on, which is why I wish that TV critics would get to watch 2 or 3 episodes before passing judgement.)

        It was nice to see that not all of the new shows were “dark” or “edgy” for a change….I was really getting tired of that! I like to have some of those in my schedule, but it was getting to the point where there were virtually no “dramas” that were light and fun anymore (and some of those that were, like Rizolli and Isles, seemed to be favorite punching bags for the critics).

          • I mostly meant it as opposed to, say, a sitcom. Over the years, it’s become more of a dramedy (dramady?), but it started out a lot darker (relatively speaking) in the first season.

            • It’s cliche-land. If the Rizolli girl didn’t have the looooonnnng legs and beautiful hair, that show wouldn’t be anywhere.

        • The problem isn’t “TV critics” who tend to love shows nobody wants to watch, it’s that viewers don’t like those shows and won’t watch them.

    • It IS very sad, but they’ll never conduct those types of polls.

      You don’t conduct a poll that will say the programming you ordered from your small cadre of buddies is hated by the population.

      That type of thing gets you fired.

      It’s much safer to do those Vegas screenings and ask people if they like a lot or love your new shows after filling them up with free drinks and food (and swag bag!)

      You get those 97% “will recommend” numbers that come in handy when nobody shows up for your shows.

  3. I’m one of the few who enjoyed Blood and Oil and I am really glad they closed up all storylines at the end. I really wish all shows would do that as people might not be afraid to invest in a new show that doesn’t instantly resonate in the ratings. And on a sidenote, networks seem to forget that most of these Primetime soaps are never instant hits.. Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty and Melrose Place all had very low rated first seasons so I really think if a network wants to try this again, they need to have some patience or scrap the idea.

    Although my vote had to go to Quantico, which is the only new show I watch regularly.. Many others I sampled and just found myself DVRing subsequent episodes and never watching (Limitless.. which just disappointed after a promising pilot.) Dr Ken was hit or miss but mostly a miss with me.

    • Dallas didn’t have a low-rated first season. It’s an urban legend.

      It wasn’t a breakout hit but did well in its timeslot as a mid-season replacement.

      • Dallas didn’t do that great the first season, I remember it as it started out on Sunday Nights and did not fare well until it moved to Friday (where I thought it would die). I also looked it up and it ranked 44 on Sunday nights and then ranked 15th on Fridays the next season… So you can put your urban legend claim to rest.

        • Shows ranked 44 today are routinely hailed as big hits…

          As I said, it wasn’t a runaway hit right off the bat but did fairly well, especially for a midseason replacement. Season overall ranking does not tell the whole story, especially in an era where the shows you were up against actually could have a very significant impact on your ratings.

  4. Supergirl is the only show listed that I’ve watched. 2/3 of the titles are entirely unfamiliar, which makes me think perhaps the networks aren’t promoting their new series effectively.

    • The years of worse and worse ratings have deprived them of money, so they make fewer and fewer shows and don’t have the budget to promote them aggressively outside of their own air.

      That’s what happens when as a group you have two and a half hits over the past ten years.

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