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‘No Tomorrow’ May Live Up to its Title on The CW

New Drama Left at the Starting Gate

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Household Rating/Share
CBS: 5.6/ 9, ABC: 4.9/ 8, NBC: 4.8/ 8, Fox and The CW: 1.6/ 3

Note: Due to the Vice Presidential Debate last night, comparisons to the year-ago evening are excluded.



“NCIS” (CBS), “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC), “The Voice” R (NBC)

-Honorable Mention:
“The Flash” (CW)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox), “New Girl” (Fox), “No Tomorrow” (CW)


Ratings Analysis:
Given the live nature of the Vice Presidential debate last night, consider these metered market (overnight) results approximate.

Led by “NCIS” (#1 for the evening: 8.9 rating/14 share from 8-9 p.m.), CBS topped the Tuesday overnights, besting ABC and NBC in households by 14 percent and 17 percent, respectively. Second in the 8 p.m. hour was the live “Dancing With the Stars” Results Show on ABC at a 6.5/10, followed by a recap edition of NBC’s “The Voice” at a competitive 5.2/ 9.

In season-premiere news was “The Flash,” The CW’s highest-rated series, at a 2.3/ 4 in the 8 p.m. hour. Comparably, that was 15 percent below the year-ago season-opener (2.7/ 4 on 10/06/15), and that translated into 3.58 million viewers and a 1.4 rating/5 share in adults 18-49, based on the Live Plus Same Day data.

Fox could not compete in the 8 p.m. hour, finishing fifth with its pairing of sitcoms “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (1.8/ 3) and “New Girl” (1.5/ 2).

In series-premiere news, CW drama “No Tomorrow” may live up to its title with a mere 0.9/ 1 in the household overnights at 9 p.m. Comparably, this dipped by 59 percent from the 8:30 p.m. portion of “The Flash” (2.2/ 3 at 8:30 p.m.), and it was 18 percent below the 1.1/ 2 for the season-premiere of former time period occupant ‘iZombie” on the year-ago evening. Since most new series drop 10 to 20 percent in week two, The CW may want to revisit what it is airing out of “The Flash.”

The live Vice Presidential debate between Democratic candidate Tim Kaine and Republican candidate Mike Pence aired from 9-10:36 p.m. ET and fared as following in the household overnights on the Big 3:

NBC: 4.8/ 8, ABC: 4.3/ 7, CBS: 4.1/ 6

Coverage on Fox averaged a 1.5/ 2 from 9-10 p.m.

What follows are the household overnight results by half-hour:

8:00 p.m.
ABC – “Dancing With the Stars” Results Show: 6.4/10 (#2)
CBS – “NCIS”: 8.8/14 (#1)
NBC – “The Voice” (R): 5.2/ 9 (#3)
Fox – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: 1.8/ 3 (#5)
CW – “The Flash” (season premiere): 2.3/ 4 (#4)

8:30 p.m.
ABC – “Dancing With the Stars” Results Show: 6.7/10 (#2)
CBS – “NCIS”: 9.0/14 (#1)
NBC – “The Voice” (R): 5.2/ 8 (#3)
Fox – “New Girl”: 1.5/ 2 (#5)
CW – “The Flash” (season premiere): 2.2/ 3 (#4)

9:00 p.m.
ABC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.6/ 7 (#2)
CBS – Vice Presidential debate: 4.4/ 7 (#3)
NBC – Vice Presidential debate: 5.0/ 8 (#1)
Fox – Vice Presidential debate: 1.4/ 2 (#4)
CW – “No Tomorrow” (series premiere): 1.0/ 2 (#5)

9:30 p.m.
ABC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.4/ 7 (#2)
CBS – Vice Presidential debate: 4.1/ 6 (#3)
NBC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.9/ 8 (#1)
Fox – Vice Presidential debate: 1.7/ 3 (#4)
CW – “No Tomorrow” (series premiere): 0.8/ 1 (#5)

10:00 p.m.
ABC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.0/ 6 (#2)
CBS – Vice Presidential debate: 3.8/ 6 (#3)
NBC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.7/ 7 (#1)

10:30 p.m.
ABC – Vice Presidential debate: 3.6/ 6 (#2)
CBS – Vice Presidential debate: 3.4/ 6 (#3)
NBC – Vice Presidential debate: 4.0/ 7 (#1)

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. I watched the first episode of Timeless last night. As first episodes go, I enjoyed it!! Also watched another episode of excellent “Longmier” on Netflix!!

  2. I saw no reason to watch the VP debate. I’m sorry that I watched the first presidential debate. Seeing and hearing Trump makes me sick. I’ll be glad when Election Day has come and gone and Clinton is our new president.

      • I’m staying away from politics until Nov 8th….honestly what a waste of time. SouthPark has it right, a choice between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich….Oy Vey!

    • I am baffled by the people that actually think he will be a good President. Trump is a maniac. WW3 will happen with him as President

    • I’ll be happy if we can refrain from polluting this board with politics which only leads to exchanges of insults. 🙂

      • I am not political and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you know who not paying his taxes is the breaking point for me.

        • I certainly agree we can (and perhaps should) all have our opinions, but there are so many sites where one can insult people who disagree, it’d be nice if we talked TV here (especially given how hard it is to avoid the Election show right now!)

  3. Marc had the perfect title here about No Tomorrow I was LMFAO!

    Amazing finish to the AL Wild Card Game on TBS, man what a dramatic great game between the O’s and Jays and Jays got another dramatic game winning home run man I am hoping for a Jays vs. Cubs World Series. GO JAYS!

    • I thought the Jays would beat the O’s. I too hope it’s Cubs VS Blueays in the World Series hoping that the Cubs finally win WS.

      • They better had especially having the game at home too and a Cubs vs. Blue Jays World Series would be awesome. If there’s one team I would pull for against the Jays it would be the Cubs since I would really like to see history be made. I’m worried for the Cubs against the Giants though.

    • What the heck was Ubaldo Jimenez doing out there pitching in the 11th inning when the MLB’s top closer in ERA Zach Britton is sitting (not even warming up!) in the bullpen? Showalter made a similar questionable move in 1995 ALDS Game 5 having starter Jack McDowell pitch in the 11th inning and he too gave up three straight hits to lose the game and the series for the Yankees.

      • Everybody’s asking that same question, that’s a fireable offense from Buck Showalter. He’s not a very smart manager when the pressure is on the line but his mistake is the reason why I’m happy today but I have to wipe this smile off my face now and hope the Jays don’t give the Rangers any sort of revenge this year.

          • Yeah I saw that number it was like over 4 million viewers in Canada which is Olympic territory so if that number was added to US it would’ve been 8 million topping the NL Wild Card Game on Wednesday. Canadians have shown the ability to support Toronto teams with the Jays and Raptors in sports outside of hockey that’s why I think an NFL team in Toronto would do great. I’m surprise it’s taking this long I know they had a shot with the Bills before the Pegulas brought the Bills a few years ago to keep the team in Western New York.

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