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Old School Runescape: The Most Important Tips For Newcomers

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Old School RuneScape might be outdated in its design; however, this does not mean it must become difficult.

Jagex launched the debut MMORPG, RuneScape, way back in 2001. Its simplicity of use and its appeal gained its players a large following. Many players were not happy with how Jagex released an update dubbed”the Evolution of Combat update in 2012 that completely overhauled the main components of the game. For those looking to go back to a simpler, more nostalgic period, Jagex came out with Old School RuneScape. The Old School RuneScape has developed to outshine RuneScape’s appeal and has become a favorite option for those just starting out. It’s difficult to determine how to start with a game as complex as Gielinor, with its many skills to master and quests to finish. Don’t worry that we’ve provided you with these helpful tips for novices.  

The first NPC that you meet on Tutorial Island should be the Gielinor Guide. The second tip is to tell him you’re a new player. Adventurer Jon may appear in Lumbridge to offer you various benefits for new players once you’ve left Tutorial Island. Talking about the topic with Jon will help you choose your Adventure Path, encouraging you to keep working hard to reach difficult levels.

Choose Your War Path

There are two different adventure paths you can pick from – the Combat Path and the Gatherer Path. Both give players access to the mission tracks you can follow to earn rewards for your achievements in the game and leveling. While it is true that the Gatherer Path is great, we would suggest going for the Combat Path instead. There are numerous additional tasks to accomplish along this route. However, it will provide you with an incomparable Combat Path Starter Kit full of weapons, armor, and other important objects. After you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll be able to discuss the experience in conversation with Adventurer Jon to earn rewards. When you’ve completed the entire route and mission, you’ll be awarded a Combat Path Voucher that can be used to redeem rewards in Varrock. Varrock. When you read the voucher, it will let you know which destinations to visit!

Think Forward

After you’ve customized your avatar’s appearance, it’s time to land on Tutorial Island. The straightforward tutorial should take just an hour. However, it provides an in-depth understanding of the game’s capabilities and mechanics. In this regard, it is recommended to be aware of our first suggestion of thinking about the skills you’re most comfortable with so that you can determine what you’d like to accomplish when playing the game. It’s crucial to be aware of this regardless of Tutorial Island as you begin playing correctly. To fully enjoy playing Old School RuneScape requires a substantial period of play (literally several thousand hours). It’s important to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself!


OSRS Gold will be the primary currency used in the Old School RuneScape. You require OSRS Gold to do everything in OSRS, including bossing, skilling, or stakes. You can purchase items with OSRS gold like food, runes, armor tools, skills, and much more. Using two methods, you can buy OSRS Gold from a particular seller or a reputable gold-selling site. While you can purchase lower prices from independent sellers, the chance of getting fraudulently ripped off is high. We strongly recommend buying the OSRS Gold from a reputable website like The amount of Gold you can purchase is not limited by anything other than the amount you’ll need. Large stores like RSorder have an almost endless quantity of Gold available. They also employ specific methods of trading that guarantee that your accounts are secure. This is why you shouldn’t be reluctant to purchase Cheap RuneScape Gold as much as you’d like and be confident that your account is secure throughout the purchase.

Protection Activity

If you’re seeking adventure, you might want to take on our last suggestion: to walk through The Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village. It’s a labyrinth of underground levels that has more terrifying monsters on each level. Once you have completed the floor, it will reward you with money. The maze will be completed in four floors till you reach the final point of the maze. You’ll receive the highly stylish Fancy Boots cosmetic item if you succeed.

However, it’s not completely free of risk. Many monsters in this dungeon can make a player lose with a single hit. Be certain to secure your precious belongings before entering. The dungeon also offers crucial information on the security of your account while you’re there. What’s more enjoyable than learning?

Questing With No Leave

Combat Path is another great way to earn rewards doing quests. The quests offered within Old School RuneScape are incredibly unique and distinctive in terms of gameplay. They are by far the most enjoyable feature of the game for many players. Additionally, most missions require players to travel through Gielinor and get familiar with the map the game provides. On the next trip, we recommend you complete these quests as they will reward you with generous rewards. In general, the XP rewards will greatly enhance your gaming skills. You’ll be able to move through and discover many areas of the game.