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PSG Grant Singapore: Everything You Need to Know 

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When COVID-19 hit the Singaporean economy, all businesses, especially SMEs were greatly affected. Because of this, the government released a means to support companies through these trying times. With that, the Singapore government launched the PSG, otherwise known as the Productivity Solutions Grant. Small to medium-sized businesses in Singapore can now apply for a grant of up to 70% funding support for approved e-commerce solutions. This is extremely essential with the importance of digital marketing these days, as it helps take your business’ marketing to a whole new level. Keep reading to understand more about what the PSG Grant is and how you can apply for one, with the help of a pre approved vendor for psg or on your own.

What is a PSG Grant?

The Singapore government launched the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) in April 2018 with the purpose of helping local SMEs improve their operations of the company by utilizing IT services and equipment. PSG serves several industries, including retail, construction, logistics, precision engineering, and food

The PSG also supports solutions being implemented in business management. As well as the different processes, and systems, such as customer management, data analytics, inventory management, and finance management, in addition to sector-specific solutions. Up to the annual grant cap of S$30,000 per financial year is also supported by ESG supports. In addition, PSG included pre-scoped IT solutions, equipment and consultancy services that improve productivity as well.

Are you Eligible for a PSG Grant?

The PSG grant is available for all types of businesses operating in Singapore. However, a company must meet these criteria to apply. Firstly, registration and operation in Singapore for at least six months is required for the organisation. The organisation must also purchase, lease, or have a subscription for the IT solutions/equipment/consultancy service in Singapore.

Some selected Singaporean companies must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding. For consultancy solutions, you must have at least three employees at the point of application.

With that, here are the criteria:

  • Company registration and operating in Singapore
  • There should be at least 30% of local shareholding
  • Company’s Group Annual Sales Turnover of not more than S$100 million, or Company’s Group Employment Size of not more than 200 workers.
  • A company’s purchases, leases, and subscriptions of the IT solution(s) or Equipment(s) should only be located and used in Singapore.
  • Your company should not have any payment or signed contract with any source (supplier, vendor, or third party) that concerns equipment’s purchase, lease, subscription or IT solution

What does the PSG Grant Cover?

The PSG grant covers a lot of sector-specific solutions and supports broad-based solutions among different industries. These include Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management systems.

IT solutions: Take a quotation from the pre-approved vendor

For example, if you are part of the food business, Pre-scoped Equipment offer general healthcare equipment such as Online Ordering and Payment and Online Food Delivery. 

Equipment: Source for the equipment & get a quotation from the vendor

One example would be for healthcare businesses. Pre-scoped IT Solutions offer food services-specific solutions such as the Intraoral Scanner. This allows dentists to see detailed, 3D images of the patient’s teeth and surrounding soft tissues.

Consultancy Service: You need to get a quotation from the pre-approved consultant.

Redesign consultancy services are also made available for business sectors For more details on the different solutions covered under the PSG grant, please refer here.

How to Apply for a PSG Grant?

One can apply for PSG Grant online, taking a few steps only. However, reading the guidelines carefully is essential, as each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Apply for a PSG Grant with these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Business Grants Portal (BGP) with your CorpPass.
  2. Proceed to “My Grants”, and under it you will find t “Get new grant”. Afterwards, select the sector that best describes your business.  
  3. Select “Upgrade key business areas, such as adopt technology, improve business processes or raise service standards”. Afterwards, select “Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions”. 
  4. Go over the “Eligibility” criteria and check “Yes” if these are met.
  5. Fill in details of the main contact person and details for the Letter of Offer addressee.
  6. Click on  “Equipment” or “IT Solution,” whichever applies. Under the “Proposal” section, you can input the details of the vendor and solution. Upload the quotation from the vendor as well. 
  7. Complete the cost details and business impact sections. 
  8. Complete the declaration section and submit your application once you’ve reviewed everything carefully.  

What Are the Documents Needed for the PSG Application?

Some important documents are also required when applying for a PSG Grant. The documents needed are as follows:

  • Purchase Order or Quotation Contract
  • An invoice
  • Screenshots showing the company’s name & the name of an IT solution.
  • Licence number of software with a minimum of one-month usage report
  • Receipt or copy of cheque payment
  • Bank statement showing the payment

Applications must be sent at least two weeks before the deadline to allow for processing time.

How to Claim Your PSG Grant?

Claiming your PSG Grant is simple with these few steps:

  1. With your CorpPass account, log into the Business Grants Portal. You can claim your grants under the “Claims” section, found under “My Grants.”
  2. Go to “File new claim”. Then select the approved grant you wish to submit a claim for and click ‘Proceed’.
  3. Fill in your contact details. 
  4. Under the section “Claims Information” fill in the details  and upload any supporting documents.
  5. Fill in the details under the section “Business Outcomes”. 
  6. Complete the declaration and submit your claim once you’ve reviewed everything carefully.  

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