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OneFriends App for True Friends Trending Top 3 on Apple Charts

The OneFriends iPhone app used between real friends and true friends has been experiencing growth over the past week and ranking high again on the Apple App Store Charts.  

The OneFriends app unlike many other social apps has no ‘likes’ or followers or news feed. Because of this, it’s been said there is no need to compare your life with others. Its emphasis is on letting friends easily meet up face-to-face and have intimate events and regular catch-ups. Users only have a small number of their close friends on the app. According to Yahoo News, OneFriends was launched quietly in 2020 by CEO Founder Albert Jing and the company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. 

While OneFriends is all in English, that has not stopped it from adoption by users globally in more than 70 countries already. In the past week, it experienced growth in the countries of Germany, France and Iraq. In Iraq for instance, it was ranked number 3 on the App Store Charts for lifestyle, behind Pinterest at number 2. The company’s recent growth follows its similar success in October 2022 within the MENA region.

With its high-end and polished design and focus on preserving users’ real friendships in a low-key private way, OneFriends represents a marked shift from what many may have been used to in our sometimes oversharing, sometimes superficial online worlds. Kudos to OneFriends and OneFriends users.