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What is Property Management Automation and Why Do You Need It?

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Terms such as ‘automation’ or ‘automation software’ are becoming more and more common in all market sectors, including property management and administration. The technological revolution is hitting all industries hard, and brings with it the incorporation of new concepts and the need to be aware of them and get up to speed with them.

What is a property management automation system?

A property management automation system consists of a set of tools and processes that aim to reduce the manual workload of property managers by allowing technology to perform a variety of functions that are freed up from the property owner or manager. Software, applications and other tools will streamline operations, simplify workflows and automate all those repetitive tasks.

4 reasons why you need property management automation

The incorporation of an automation system for property management brings with it important advantages and facilities. Therefore, more and more property managers are choosing to incorporate one of these softwares to their business to carry out its management.

In this article we tell you some of the main advantages that you can get by incorporating an automation system for the management of your properties.

Helps with short-term bookings

The automation of your property management will help you to arrange short-term bookings faster and more efficiently. It allows you to get all the relevant information about each of your bookings at once, and to review rates, manage notes and other booking-related tasks and automations in one place. In addition, it allows you to get direct bookings from your booking engine or add them manually. You can also filter and view your bookings by status, property, location, channel, owner, price and many other criteria, and create and export custom reports to share with your team and plan your management.

Helps owners create a great schedule

Automating your business will give you the possibility to organize yourself better and more efficiently, creating a proper schedule that will allow you to achieve your business goals and complete your tasks on time, free of stress and burden. It will free you from many tedious manual tasks, which, in addition to saving you time, will ensure that you do not commit any errors in the management and administration of these tasks.

Helps managing more than one property at a time

Easily organize and manage all your properties within a single platform, all in one central, integrated space. Manage your listings, bookings, channel connections, customer messages, payment processing and much more from a single dashboard, without the need to switch from one platform to another. You can do it on all major sales channels and integrate with industry-leading applications.

Helps with additional maintenance

In addition to the main and most basic functions that property management requires, a software will allow you to automate many other functionalities dedicated to the maintenance of your accommodations. Cleaning tasks, check-in, security systems, and many other functionalities will be easier than ever to manage thanks to automation.

How to choose the right property management automation software? 

Now that you know the main reasons why you should use an automation software to manage your properties, the next step is to select the one that best suits you, your business and your guests. 

You should make sure that the software you select has key functionalities, such as a unified inbox, multi-calendar, owners portal, booking engine, advanced reporting… And that it delivers the right performance.