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  • Nathan Way was diagnosed obese after his BMI measured 31
  • Due to an emotional turmoil, he was unable to control his hunger pangs
  • Constant remarks and negativity surrounding his weight lowered his self-esteem
  • Claims that an OTC Phentermine helped him shed over 32 pounds in 12 weeks 

Nathan Way was a Warehouse Package Handler in Texas who lost his job in the midst of Covid-19 chaos. The 26 years old who has always been a very positive person in life accepted the loss quite bravely but went into a very disturbing phase after his High School Sweetheart parted her ways with him.  

While he was dealing with the heartbreak, he developed strange eating habits as an attempt to counter grief. Together with his sedentary lifestyle following the lay-off, his binge eating led him to pack-on extra pounds to his weight. 

Nathan claims to have a healthy weight before losing his job and his ladylove. He believes to follow a normal diet earlier. But back-to-back distressing problems affected his emotional health to a point he started gulping anything to feel ‘okay’!

This is a general response to heartbreak, says a qualified medical worker Jennifer Kelman. According to her, it’s common for the appetite to change while your body responds to the emotional turmoil. People often lose motivation, gain weight through excessive eating patterns or simply lose weight through not eating for days. 

From biological point of view, emotional eating controls or relieves the onset of negative emotions in a human body. Losing your loved ones, financial losses and other stressful events cause negative feelings and that leads to emotional eating in some of us.  

So I simply lost motivation to live or love myself for that matter, Nathan believes. He was aware of his everyday changing shape but was not interested in preventing it. 

However, things changed after his doctor diagnosed him with obesity and warned him about the complications coming his way. 

Worried and confused, he inquired about the solution and was suggested Phentermine 37.5 mg to suppress his appetite. 

Together with moderate workouts, Nathan’s experience with Phentermine weight loss turned out to be a successful one. 

His story narrates as:

Hey, so my weight was always healthy from the beginning. I am 26 years old with a height measuring 5.2 inch. 

Things were going smooth until I have to deal with the redundancy of employment. Frankly, my finances were manageable but what struck me even harder was losing Olivia.  

Yes, my HS sweetheart left me for another dude after I caught her messing around with him. 

Her constant cheating grew out of my control and after a heated argument- she left me for him. 

Days and weeks went by and but I completely failed in accepting her betrayal. I won’t lie but I missed her dearly. Those things we would do together and my urge to meet her one last time was contributing to my anguish. 

But somewhere deep inside, I knew things will never work. So I would just sit and do nothing but miss her

I don’t remember when and how I resorted to food to overcome this constant and deep-rooted pain in myself.  

I somehow doubled the intake of my meals and started taking high calories snacks throughout. 

Of course, I was high on junks too and all I was doing was crazily- munch!

At that point, I was simply careless about my growing weight. I remember my family and friends often raising questions about this unpleasant change in me. 

While some would educate me on self-love, others would mock and body shame. 

So time was passing and so was my weight increasing. The only condition that was stable was my emotional vulnerability, which food could ‘temporarily’ alleviate.  

Now a time came when I felt on the verge of giving up on my life. Yes, by the time my weight grew to some 77 kg, I came on the brink of an emotional breakdown. 

Back to back suicidal thoughts and extreme irritability finally made me realized- I need a therapist without wasting an instant!

Long story short, my doctor diagnosed me with obesity with a BMI measuring 31.  

She believed that obesity was one of the reasons making me worst. She further explained the repercussions of not addressing it at once. 

Understandably, I was concerned this time as I was tired of being depressed all the time. Nor did I want to bump into complications of obesity that are simply life-long. 

So she came up with a solution offering great viable support. The doctors who prescribe phentermine near me recommended me intensive behavioral therapy, diet plan and some moderate exercises to follow. 

 She prescribed me the alternative Phentermine that was aimed to tackle the root cause- my hunger. 

So with that little life and courage left in me, I started my weight loss voyage to overpower obesity. 

In the first two weeks, I felt things were stagnant. But by the end of third week, I could notice my appetite being down.  

Of course, I was taking my therapy and was gymming besides. But the substance that was controlling my appetite and pacing my fat burning was definitely Phentermine diet pills.

Flushing Olivia out of my system was difficult- I admit. But I feel things were changing gradually for me and that too, for the best.  

Bit by bit, I reversed the quantity of my meals to three meals a day. And by the time I completed a month with OTC Phentermine Pills, I was able to shake off a total 9 pounds.  

This was definitely a victory to celebrate for me. But NOT so soon, as I was missing my old body and the chunk was yet to knock over!

So came the second month and then the third. My appetite was in absolute control as I was no more cravings junks and high caloric snacks. 

Along with my three daily meals, I was exercising with better levels of energy (not as crazily as those big guys in the gym though). 

Finally, three months passed and I lost a total of 32 pounds (14.5 kg) from my initial weight. Of course, I still miss her but have a better grip on my emotions now. 

Honestly, it was a great achievement and I was able to make it because of over the counter Phentermine pills. I credit the pills because I could felt my hunger decreasing and my body burning extra fat than the usual.

Even though, my course has ended and I am yet to a go a long way in getting my actual body, I consider it a great start. And since I did not get any side effects throughout and after, I may repeat my course any time sooner!

Phentermine weight loss is a special formulation of natural ingredients that target and tackle the reason of weight gain. It is a highly powerful amalgamation of some researched-based ingredients that support the process of slimming in men and women.  

In general, weight loss pills trigger complications but this time-tested diet pill makes it a safe affair. 


The Phentermine alternatives formula gets its powers from its scientifically proven ingredients. These ingredients work in combination to suppress appetite, speed up metabolism and promote fat burning. Few of these are:

  • L-Carnitine: 

National Institutes of health claims that the amino acid contributes to the making of protein in the body. Significant for the performance of brain and heart, it leads to the higher production of energy 

  • Caffeine anhydrous:

This is an all-purpose ingredient in the formula of OTC Phentermine. In addition to supporting cognitive health, it enhances energy while boosting metabolism and controlling hunger

  • Citrus aurantium:

Phytotherapy research claims that Synephrine in the citrus plant aids in improving thermogenesis in the body. However, synephrine becomes functioning in weight loss when combined with the powers of stimulants like caffeine in Phentermine 37.5mg

  • Cayenne pepper:

According to the journal of Bioscience Reports, the effects of cayenne pepper may be a great support for the dieters. Basically, it has the potential to encourage satiety, a state wherein you do not feel the need to consume food.  

  • Chromium:

Chromium steps forward with a plethora of health benefits. According to the Office of Dietary supplements, it aids in metabolizing proteins, fats and carbs 

  • Coleus Forskohlii: 

This is a plant extract added for its weight loss properties. By making the enzymes named adenylate cyclase and lipase, labdane diterpene helps you budging the scale more effortlessly


The fat cutting effects of Phentermine diet pills are largely backed by science. Each of its ingredients including L-carnitine, coleus forskohlii, and caffeine are shown to promote the slimming process and that too, without leading to any side effects.  

For example, a caffeine-based came up with some convincing results stating that it heightened up fat burning by 29%. Moreover, an analysis in obese participants showed that the participants were able to shed an additional 2.9lb of average weight when a supplementation of L-carnitine was used. 

Overall, OTC Phentermine alternatives are coming up with the assistance, people need for safe slimming. Along with an active and healthy lifestyle, it has become a bit easier to get in our best of forms.