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Top 5 Kabaddi Defence Skills You Need To Know

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Kabaddi is a well-known competitive sport. It is a two-team sport. Both teams have a total of 12 members. However, each unit is limited to seven players on the field at any given time. The Online Fantasy Kabaddi court will be split into two halves. The court is 13 m x 10 m in dimension. For a total of two twenty-minute halves, the two teams alternate raiding and defending, with a five-minute gap in between. The game aims to score more points in the allotted time than the opposing side.

  1. Ankle Hold

This action in fantasy sports entails catching the raider’s ankle and dragging him within your half, allowing other teammates to join in and tackle the raider. When a raider tries to score a Bonus point or have a Toe Touch, this is the corner’s go-to pass. As simple as it might seem, this is one of the most challenging defense maneuvers to master. Perfect timing is needed to get a good hold, tremendous strength to drag the raider in, and a solid grip to keep the raider from escaping the defender’s grasp.

  1. Dash

To perform this pass, a defender must have the right mix of power, stamina, and technique. An attacker races through and drives a raider out of bounds until he gets any part of his body over the half-line to kill him if he goes too far into the opposing half or tries to flee after having a touch. The defender uses his body weight, pace, and power to generate enough leverage to ensure that he catches his raider. Not only does the defender making a Dash guarantee that the raider is tackled out of bounds, but he must also hold every aspect of his body inbounds to avoid being eliminated.

  1. Block

A defender’s ability to get in front of the raider and prevent him from reaching the half-line needs immense power, good coordination, and impeccable timing. A raider can avoid a block by doing a ‘Dubki’ or a Frog Jump over the defender. As a result, it’s critical that the defender maintains proper body posture and maintains a solid hold while using his power to drive the raider back and execute a flawless Block.

  1. Thigh Hold

To kill the raider, the Thigh Hold is an advanced defensive tactic that depends on the element of surprise. At a point, the attacker dives at the raider’s thigh and takes him down with his body weight, prompting other defenders to join in to attack the raider. Again, pacing and grip are essential for an effective thigh lock since an ill-timed dive may easily be avoided by the raider.

  1. Chain Tackle

A Chain Tackle is an excellent example of team contact and coordination. A defender joins hands with another defender to surround the raider, limiting the amount of room he can sprint into, and then both defenders chase him, making it almost impossible for him to flee. They must have their hold and coordination right, and both defenders must be careful of guessing how the raider will be tackled.