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Perfect Ways to Reuse Old Makeup Containers 

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The best way to reuse old skincare containers is to find an innovative and exciting use. These containers come in various sizes and shapes. This makes recycling them super easy because you get tons of options for being creative. They can help you save lots of money and the environment at the same time. It also increases the flow of your creative juices and enhances your productivity. So how do you recycle and old compact mirror, moisturizer jar or lip balm?  Here are some of the perfect ways you can put those empty containers to the best use. 

Storing Small Earrings

Makeup containers for powders are the perfect size and width to reuse as a storage box for your small earrings. Wash and dry out your old setting powder box and keep all your favourite earrings and studs in them. This way, you can always have them with you in the purse. Anytime you feel like changing your looks, your personal jewellery box is at your service. 

Spray bottles for Homemade Hair Growth Formula

You can reuse spray bottles to fill an amazing hair growth formula and spray it on your hair now and then. Ready to know what the formula is? Just onion water and alovera gel mixed up. These two ingredients make your hair longer, stronger and more silky. Wash out your empty setting spray bottle and fill it in with this liquid. Every two days, spray your roots a few hours before washing your hair. Not only does this recycle the container, but you also get the perfect haircare solution. 

Eyelash Serum 

Another container that can be used for benefiting your hair growth is the empty mascara tube. Wash it out properly with soap and warm water. Then, fill the tube with castor oil, coconut oil and any other serum you want. This mixture serves as a miracle for eyelash growth. This is why you should never throw out empty makeup containers. Most of the times, these are super helpful in many ways. 

Broken Compact Mirror into Homemade Lipstick

A broken compact mirror might seem of no use, but that container is just as useful. Carefully remove all the broken pieces from the casing. Make sure not even a small speck in left. You can use the empty space to store your homemade lipstick! All you need is a bit if vaseline or coconut oil mixed with your favourite tint. This lipstick also acts as a moisturizer and you can get your favourite shade by balancing the amount if tint you add in it. 

Wrapping it Up

It is easy and usually an effortless task to reuse your old makeup containers. Apart from being environment friendly, it has many advantages too. Less money, more product. No need to buy new containers for stuff you can easily fit in the tiny makeup ones. They are much more easier to carry around too and you can keep your belongings and skincare in your travel bag at all the times.