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How to Spend Your Winters in the Coziest Way Possible

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We all know how tough winters can be; they’re cold, harsh, and most of the clothes make you feel too stuffed to actually do anything. Winters automatically make you want to procrastinate as every little chore starts seeming as an extremely difficult exercise. Most of the time, you don’t feel like coming out of a blanket, getting into the bath feels like the biggest task of your day, every time you go out, all the layers of clothes you’ve put on make it hard to move your body muscles outdoors. Hence, we’ve come up with some tips to help you spend your winters in the comfiest way possible.

Get Cozy Home Clothes

The biggest challenge in winters is getting yourself to feel comfortable and cozy, especially inside your home. Layering up, although effective, oftentimes can turn out to be an inconvenience, especially when you’re washing hands and have to roll up your sleeves. On the other hand, if you layer too little, you end up either shivering the whole day, or being stuffed in a blanket until you go and add those layers. When looking for clothes, aim for less but warm. You would want to go for hoodies and pants that are lined with fleece on the inside. Even better, you can get a hooded blanket to stay quite warm while wearing only a single garment.

Upgrade Your Skincare

The next thing you’d want to work on is your winter skin. It’s no secret our skin gets the worst during this dry season. It is hard for our body to produce its natural oils hence we need to work more to keep it moisturized. Firstly, try to get a viscous moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. Try to apply it every time after washing your skin, especially in the mornings and before going to bed. Like brushing your teeth, it is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated at night so it can work on repairing your skin barrier. Moreover, you’d feel really satisfied and relaxed going to sleep.

Keep a Track of Your Diet

Another important thing to keep in mind the whole season is your diet. Try not to eat any food cold. Eat whole, balanced meals thrice a day. Keep taking dry fruit in small quantities throughout the day. Moreover, make coffee or hot tea a permanent addition to your winter mornings. Try adding cinnamon tea or lemon grass tea as a routine before bed as well. This will keep you internally warm the whole day and night.

Set Up a Cozy Mood

Setting up a cozy and comfy mood around yourself is one of the best ways to tolerate winters. Try recreating the vibe always shown in movies; cushions and fairy lights decorated around the blankets. Baking cakes, drinking hot cocoa while snuggling in your bed, watching your favorite film. You can try lighting up your favorite scented candles to ease your mind and body as well. Hopefully all of these tips will create a fairly enjoyable winter for you.