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Best Gym Exercises to Get the Perfect Body

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We all want to keep our body in the best possible shape. Not only do we want to keep it healthy and fit, we also want it to look good and cut out as well. Check out emsculpt. Along with these benefits, being fit also increases your flexibility, as well as your life expectancy. Working out releases a bunch of hormones in our bodies such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which all immediately uplift our moods and help push out anxiety and depression. It also releases growth hormone and testosterone in both males and females that helps building muscle and also helps stamina growth. But oftentimes when you enter the gym, you get so overwhelmed by the numerous exercise machines that you forget the routine you had planned to follow for the day. Hence, here’s a little guide to help you get your perfect body with the right machinery.

Dumbbell Exercises

A lot of exercises use dumbbells along to stimulate further muscles in your body and to turn the original exercise into a whole-body workout. These include, using dumbbells with squats, Romanian deadlifts, or just using the dumbbells of various, difficult sizes and weights to build your arm muscles. If you do these regularly, not only do you build your biceps and triceps but also your shoulder muscles. They also help you have a good balance coordination too.

Non-Machine Exercises

These exercises are for people who do not want to overload their body by a full-time gym workout. Instead, they are looking for relatively lighter exercises to help them tone their bodies. A few of these exercises are burpees, squats, lunges, planks, crunches, and pushups. When done together, these exercises target every muscle in the body. Burpees require a lot of energy and are hence a cardiovascular exercise as well. These cardio exercises specifically get your blood pumping in your body and are especially useful while losing weight, in cardiovascular diseases, and when building stamina. If done religiously with a controlled diet, they can build you a perfectly toned body.


Also known as the king of exercises, deadlifts are one of the most popular exercises of all time.  The reason for its wild popularity is because of it being one of the few exercises that target every single muscle group in your entire body. They target your arm muscles, your shoulder muscles, your lower back muscles, as well as your leg muscles. Moreover, you should even try working the bench press. You’ll be lifting weights as in simple Deadlifts, but the only difference will be bench presses done while lying down on benches, while in deadlifts, you are usually lifting weights in a n upright position.

Work with Suspensions and Cable machines

To make your workout be even more advanced, you can start using suspensions or cable machines to further harden your exercises. For example, to get broader, stronger shoulders, you can do suspension push-ups instead of regular push-ups as they significantly boost the growth rate. Similarly, to get the perfect looking pecs on your body, you can use a cable crossover machine, and soon you’ll get your perfectly cut body as well.