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Ways to Relieve Your Stress

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We are living in a hyperactive era– most of our obligatory daily activities take up almost all of our time and are highly stressful; such as school, college, or our job. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it constantly builds up in our whole body which then presents itself as body aches, migraines, extreme energy drainage, anxiety and depression. The irony is that our most common stress reliever also further contributes to our stress; our mobile phones. To us they might seem like an escape from our worries and a perfect source of entertainment in your hands, but actually not only do they cause addiction but also add great stress into our bodies. While the instant dose of entertainment slowly gets us addicted, the blue light emitting from the screen and its constant glare on our eyes slowly stresses out not only our ciliary muscles but also our brains. Hence, here are some ways to help you relieve the stress from your body to keep you healthy and relaxed.


The first way to relieve all the stress from your body is to meditate. Meditation is one of the world’s oldest exercises done to attain a calm, peaceful, and emotionally stable state of your mind, soul, and body. In this act, you will need to be in a quiet environment with no one to disturb you. Then, focus on a peaceful object, scenery or activity and try to imagine yourself with it. This is used to drain all the bad energy out from your body and introduce a more positive one. Once you focus on that specific thing, blank out everything else from your mind. This will help you to keep your mind free of any disturbing thoughts. Achieving this state of peace can be aided by using the best meditation tools to enhance your experience. Once that state of peace is achieved, it is pretty easy to remain in it while all your worldly mind stresses are removed from the body.


Although meditation mainly focuses on getting rid of the worries of the mind, yoga equally focuses on the body as well. Although yoga is a form of meditation, it is actually a combination of all physical, mental and spiritual practices to achieve that level of peace. Although you can do yoga at home, it is better if you join a proper yoga center where they’ll help you practice professionally. Al lot of people confuse yoga as a lot of exercise, but it is quite the opposite. You just have to stretch your body into positions that will relieve the most stretch while doing breathing exercises. It is actually quite fun.

Orgone Pyramids

Another underrated way to relieve your body stress is by getting an orgone pyramid. Orgone pyramids are a combination of organic and inorganic earthly matter; metals and crystals in a mixture of resins. This combination helps absorb all the negative energy and radiation around you while simultaneously releasing positive energy. This is also an ancient technique then known as Chi, Prana, or universal energy. You can even check the efficiency of your pyramid by checking it with an emf meter to see whether it’s blocking all the unnecessary radiation around you.