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Photos, Words, Intuition: Rules for Dating on the Internet

Searching for a better half in the World Wide Web is one of the trends of our time. Online dating has earned its popularity due to the development of the mobile Internet, which made this communication format as convenient as possible and offers an array of top dating apps. Now people of almost all ages are getting acquainted online. There is no upper threshold, and the lower one begins at about 23-24 years when the student life ends and the circle of communication sharply narrows. If you are looking for a trusted and reputable dating site to begin your search for ‘The One’, here is a review of the eharmony dating website for your consideration!

How to Show Yourself

A well-formed profile is a key to successful Ukrainian women dating if this what you are looking for. You can be a charming conversationalist, but no one will know about it if your profile on a dating site is designed poorly. There are several things you should know while filling out your profile.

1. Choose Photos That Show You Smiling

All pictures of you should show your good mood, so the profile will look more attractive. You can save your seriousness for personal communication. If the purpose of dating online is a long-term relationship, then the photos should be appropriate. As the main photo, a qualitative and plausible picture of you fits perfectly. You can supplement it with full-length photos in proper clothes. You shouldn’t upload photos in untidy clothing.

2. A Selfie Is a Receipt of Your Own Solitude

There were some studies conducted abroad that have shown that when a person takes a selfie, then in the face of others, they look so lonely, in need of acquaintance and communication. This reduces the attractiveness of their profile. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose pictures of you taken by your friends.

Looking at pictures of potential partners, try to catch the first impression — it contains a hint from your intuition. Look at a photo of a person for a few seconds, close your eyes, and try to find a nickname for them. Often the first impression can already tell the outcome of communication.

3. Indicate in the Profile Inclinations and Hobbies You Do Not Plan to Change For Love

Pets, religion, vegetarianism, or a passion for sports — if any of these things are important for you, it is better to warn potential partners in advance by telling about it in your profile. This may narrow the circle of potential acquaintances, but most likely, the interlocutors that you lose will be those with whom you will simply find it difficult to get along.

4. Try to Stand out, But Be Normal

Original hobbies, interesting travels, unusual spheres of interest — all this is encouraged, but do not overdo it with the exotic. If you have an extraordinary collection of coconuts at home, for example, it is better to tell about it on a date, and most likely not on the first one.

How to Perceive Others

Online dating involves certain risks. You don’t know who actually responds to you on the Internet. You can witness the honesty of your interlocutor only at a personal meeting. Therefore, when communicating with strangers, you should observe certain safety precautions. In any situation when you think that the other person behaves strangely, hiding something or deceiving you, stop communicating. It is better to lose a potentially interesting acquaintance than to take an unnecessary risk.