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The Lucky Ones Win Lottery Prizes Many Times

Lottery is a form of gambling involving choosing numbers for a prize. Lottery prizes are valuable material gifts that you receive when winning this game.

Naturally, the lottery prize is one of the dreams of many people. Many people have said that: “The probability of a person being struck by lightning will be 4 times higher than that of a person who won a lottery prize.”

Winning lottery prizes is always very difficult.

The right lottery is a very high-risk game and today, of course, you can play lotto online. There are people who spend all their money to buy a lottery but don’t win it at all. There are also those who just buy lumbering lottery can also win consecutive prizes. So, how to predict lottery, how to find out the lot numbers, the numbers have a very high winning rate. Go to to see it. The following will be the cases that won the lottery that surprised you.

Romanian mathematician uses secret formula to win the lottery 14 times.

It can be said that all the probabilities on this earth are not applicable to Stefan Mandel, an Australian mathematician and Romanian economist and mathematician. This Romanian mathematician has won the lottery 14 times in his life.

Mandel’s first two winning numbers were in Romania when he was earning money to bring his wife and children abroad. At that time, his salary was only 88 USD per month.

The money is used by Mendel to bring his family to Israel before coming to Australia to settle. In the country of kangaroos, Mandel won the jackpot 12 more times.

Calculating the probability of winning a lottery prize is impossible.

Many lottery winners have spent all of their prizes by buying lavish homes, expensive supercars, gambling or getting involved in lawsuits. Robert Pagliarini, a financial planner, said that in order to make sure that he did not return to nothing, the winner should hire a “financial aid trio” to help them plan spending in future.

Do you find this mathematician too good at probability or is he too lucky? Definitely both! Because one person can win 14 times the lottery is very difficult.

An American man won 5 lottery jackpot consecutively

This particularly lucky uncle, 54 years old, lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

His uncle is named Mr.O went to the lottery headquarters to receive a prize worth US $50,000 (equivalent to nearly 1.2 billion Vietnamese dong), which is special because this is the 5th jackpot lottery he won.

Mr.O won 5 lottery jackpot consecutively.

Previously, this man had to visit lottery headquarters 4 times to receive a jackpot prize worth 10,000 USD or more.

Mr.O said: I explained to lottery officials in Maryland that I used to play a red and black virtual horse racing game called Racetrax.

Recently, he suddenly felt a strong urge to buy him 18 lottery tickets worth $5 at Dolfield convenience store in Baltimore.

Luckily, among those 18 tickets, some won small prizes and in particular, a jackpot ticket worth $50,000. Mr. O said he was excited to hear that he had won the award. Immediately, he shouted to his wife: “We are rich!”.

An American man won the lottery prize twice in 18 months

Just winning a lottery once in your life makes us happy, but in a short time of less than 2 years, this uncle won 2 times the lottery jackpot, indeed the luckiest uncle in the country America.

According to US lottery officials, Mr. Alley won a prize worth US $500,000 (nearly 11.7 billion) last week from a raffle ticket he bought for $20 last month.

And Mr. Alley brought home a check for $355,000 (nearly 8.3 billion) after deducting taxes from the jackpot of $500,000.

But luck did not come only to Mr. Alley once. Just about 18 months ago, Mr. Alley also won a lottery worth $100,000 (more than 2.3 billion) from a scratch ticket of $5 that he bought in December 2017.

With a prize of US $100,000, Mr. Alley previously received a total of US $70,000 (over 1.6 billion) after tax.

Thus, Mr. Alley was fortunate to have won two big lottery prizes with a total value of 600,000 USD (nearly 14 billion VND) in just 18 months.

According to the Maine Lottery website, the winning rate of $500,000 is 1/137. 143, while the odds of winning $100,000 in the Bonanza rake that Mr. Alley won was 1/264.000.

Mr. Alley is very happy with the great lottery prizes that he was lucky to win. And Alley’s wife and two daughters learned that he had won a $500,000 jackpot.

Despite winning the lottery twice, Alley said he has no plans to give up security work at Conners Emerson School in Bar Harbor, where he has worked for the past three decades. “I love this job” said Mr. Alley.

However, Mr. Alley has planned to use his $500,000 winnings to save. In addition, Mr. Alley also used part of the money to buy an old boat to travel.

The man won 3 times the lottery prize in Vietnam

In Binh Chanh Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City had a man who was a famous millionaire at that time.

A lot of people have won big lottery in Vietnam.

On a summer day in 1984, he took the lottery ticket to sell as usual, unfortunately that day no one bought. Nearly early afternoon, he decided to pay the remaining tickets and means the family’s meal will also shrink. Standing at the end of the misery, he risked his money and bought a lucky ticket. No doubt the lottery ticket won a special prize, making him very happy.

Two months later, luck again came to him. While selling lottery tickets, he also saved a flyer and won with the same amount. At this time, life was also somewhat less supportive. He didn’t dare to repair his life, only rebuilt his shabby house and returned to his usual lottery business.

In love with the sage, in 2003, he won another 5 jackpots with more money than previous times. Mr. Tien said, when going to the natural lottery agent, looking at the number 47282 liked it so much, took a few sheets to save, but the agent refused, only divided back to 5 sheets. In the afternoon of 5 lottery tickets with face value of 5,000 VND, he won a special prize with the amount of up to 125 million that made him surprised.

Having a beautiful wife, good children, happy families thanks to lucky lottery tickets

It’s hard to believe, right? One person but can win the lottery prize consecutively many times. These people have been so lucky in this life.

It’s not wrong when people say playing lottery is playing with luck. Lottery is the most popular game of chance. Although the probability of winning lottery prizes is very low, there are no exceptions. I think you should play the lottery to see if your luck is good or not. Not just lottery, you can try more games at It is easy to join and play. Good luck!